Monday, January 2, 2017

J. Crew - January

I have had these photos for a while, but as I got busy with the holidays, I never got the chance to post them yet. On my last visit I noticed a few shirts that I liked, as well as the Wintress Belted Puffer Coat (size M, black). J. Crew has a version of this coat every year, it seems. I liked how warm and light this coat is.

Wintress Belted Puffer Coat (similar here, here, here)

The first shirt I tried on was the Buffalo Check-Shirt Jacket (size S, navy ivory). This was one of my favourites when it first debuted on the website and in stores, and it is currently on sale with code SHOPSALE (40%).

Another favourite, the Shrunken Boy Shirt in Coral Blue Plaid (size 6, coral blue), is made of a sturdy cotton flannel which I loved.

Inset Heart Striped Combo T-Shirt (size M, navy red grey) reminds me of the striped colorblock t-shirt I bought lat year, but with the cute heart inset. It is made of a thick cotton knit and it is machine washable.

Lastly, a pretty sweater: the  Tunic Cable-knit Sweater (size S, heather blue). The yarn is a wool, nylon and viscose mix and feels quite soft to the touch.

What else I am liking at J Crew right now:

How about you? Have you been to J. Crew recently to take advantage of the sales? Pleas share!

Hope you are all having a happy new year and a safe return to work tomorrow! 

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  1. its looks pretty awesome stuffs and i like so much. thank you for Sharing.


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