Sunday, April 19, 2015

J. Crew - May Sneak Preview

My online VPS was kind enough to send me a few sneak previews at the May line-up and I thought of sharing them with you.

First off, the beautiful Sleeveless Belted Dress in Wool Crepe (C4505). It is a bright, summery colour and simple design, which I love:

Sleeveless Belted Dress in Wool Crepe (C4505)(similar here, here)

Garment-Dyed Safari Popover (C3635) worn with the Linen Cargo Pencil Skirt (C4191):

Garment-Dyed Safari Popover (C3635)(similar here)
Linen Cargo Pencil Skirt (C4191)
Bluma Project Dharma Necklace (C6543)
Elsie Crackled Foil D'Orsay Pumps (C4691)(similar here)

Linen Gold Foil Leaf Pant (C6454) worn with some very comfy looking sandals:

Linen Gold Foil Leaf Pant (C6454)(similar here, here)
Mackenzie Crackled Foil Sandals (C7271)(similar here, here)

Lastly, the Collection Tulip Wrap Skirt in Jungle (C5579), in a bold, colourful print:

Collection Tulip Wrap Skirt in Jungle (C5579)
Micro Stripe Cotton Angela Shirt (C7333)(similar here)
Neon Pop Statement Earrings (C8679)

That's all I have. What do you think of some of the new items? Please share!

Hope you are all having a great Sunday out there!


  1. I think I'm in trouble, I like all of these looks.
    I have no business buying a wool dress for Summer, but that belted dress is really chic. I wonder if it comes in other colors.
    The popover and cargo skirt, though, would fit right in with my lifestyle.
    Very beautiful prints, especially the Tulip wrap skirt in Jungle. Ina and Cate mentioned there were several lovely prints in their posts on JCA. They were right.
    Thanks so much for sharing! I'm looking forward to Wednesday's roll-out.

    1. Lucky us, the rollout came out a couple of days early! :)

  2. Oh my that dress. Simple and classic. Need to see if they messed it up with any weird slits or bad zippers...

  3. I must have those printed pants! I am surprised they've paired gold foil with silver… not sure I could get away with it. I love the style of that dress, too (I don't need wool in summer either!). Prepare for the linen cargo skirt to wrinkle, if it's 100% linen like the pants version of this that's in the store. I love the style, though.

    1. That's the unfortunate part about linen. Otherwise that skirt would be perfect.

  4. Whats an online VPS? I am loving that last outfit - saw it somewhere and have been trying to find it. The dress is gorgeous too

    1. Online Very Personal Shopper who will do all your nline shopping for you. Thank you!


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