Thursday, January 29, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals Picks

A couple of days ago J. Crew posted new arrivals on their website and found quite a few favourites among them. One of them is the Indigo Gauze Popover. Made of cotton, the gauze is a thin indigo voile. It looks great up close.
Indigo Gauze Popover

Collection Embellished Crepe Blouse reminds me of the Double-Stripe Crepe Blouse I got last year. This one is made of silk and the embelishment is beaded. I would love to see the 'ivory' version.
Collection Embellished Crepe Blouse

Merino-Cotton Tunic Sweater in 'ruby' is already on my list.I love the wool & cotton mix, usually (I find this mix quite warm, actually) and the length of the sweater.
Merino-Cotton Tunic Sweater 

XOXO Tee - how cute is this?

Drapey Chino Pant in both colours should be great for spring and summer. The material is cotton and a lighter, drapier weight. The waistband is stretch elastic and should make them extremely comfortable to wear.
Drapey Chino Pant

Ryder Pants were already seen in my previews post with the sneak previews. They are cotton/nylon with a hint of stretch, making them comfortable to wear as well. They also come in four (4) beuatiful colours.
Ryder Pants

Pencil skirts are my favourite, and I am glad J. Crew didn't disappoint. The Zip Pencil Skirt comes in five (5) beautiful colours. 'Radiant orange' and deep blue are my favourites.
Zip Pencil Skirt

New Uptown Tote Bag was also shown in the sneak previews. The 'bright flame' and 'neon azure'   are gorgeous.
New Uptown Tote Bag

And lastly, the Downing Hobo Bag, which is much larger in real life than it seems.
Downing Hobo Bag 

Which new arrivals are your favourites? Please share!

Have a great end of the week, everyone!


  1. I like those chinos and tote bag. With the dollar so wretched am not shopping online. I will pop into rock centre when I go to jcrew in march though!

    1. I hear you, Wendy! I haven't shopped online for a while now either. Hope you have a great trip!


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