Monday, December 15, 2014

J. Crew - December (II)

I have a few more photos from my most recent trips to JC to share with my readers. First off, I wanted to share th emost exciting piece for me. It's not new, but I love it and hope to add it to my closet this winter. I am talking about the Long Belted Down Puffer (size M., 'black'). It also comes in two other colours. I am 5'6" and the length runs about 2 inches above the knee. Usually I take size S in most coats, but the shoulders on this one seemed narrow, so I sized up. The coat is lighter in comparison to the Mexx one I bought a few years back.

Long Belted Down Puffer (similar here, here, here)

The other jacket I thought was cute was the Lightweight Puffer Jacket (size M, 'ivory'). I sized up again for the same reason as above. The jacket is all nylon, so not as warm.

Classic Silk Blouse in Key Print size 4. This is my usual blouse size at JC. The print is adorable.

Lastly, the Flannel Chirt in Buffalo Check (size 4, 'electric red'). Fits the same as the other JC shirts. The flannel feels really soft and cozy against the skin.

Code JINGLE will get you 40% off sale items and 30% off regular price items through December 18. Are you planning on getting something this sale? If so, please share!

Thanks for dropping in, and have a safe Tuesday out there!


  1. Never quite understood the belt that comes with puffers. I have one but never wear it. When I have to get the puffer out, I could give a hoot about making a's about warmth. You always look so lovely even in the stay puff marshmallow coats :)

    1. Me neither, BB! Thank you! I still feel like the Michelin man! :)


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