Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Plaid At The Gap

The other day I went to the Gap to look for a gift and the visit was a good chance to check out some of the new arrivals. I noticed a few beautiful shirts and vests. I particularly loved the plaid they have this year. Among the shirts, the Buffalo Plaid Shirt (size S, 'red plaid'). It's a beautiful, lightweight twill cotton and comes in two other colours ('blue check' and green plaid').

More plaid on the Buffalo Plaid Puffer Vest (size S), this time in grey and red. I loved the colours of this vest a lot.

A black plaid shirt, the Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt, also size S. The shirt looks beautiful IRL with the soft pinks through it.

Lastly, a pair of Suede Loafers, which fit TTS. I am wearing a colour called 'pinot noir,' but there are four others available. The inside is also suede with some padding, which make them very comfortable to wear.

That's all, at leat for now. I have a couple of sweaters I really liked at the Gap, but for a future post. Have you visited the Gap lately? How did you like the new arrivals? Please share!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great Thursday, everyone! Not sure where the week went so fast. It's been absolutely crazy busy at work.


  1. Lovethe shirtswiththe denim skirt. Can you provide a link to the skirt?

    1. Hi Domestic Engineer! (Love your name!)

      Thank you! This is the Marla Skirt. Here it is. Unfortunately it seems to be sold out at CM.


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