Sunday, August 17, 2014

J. Crew - September Sneak Previews

The lovely J. Crew VPS has just sent me a few sneak previews for September, so naturally I thought of sharing them with you.

First off, the Duffle Coat. I have no description to go with it, but you cant go wrong with navy. The Selvedge Chambray Shirt has been around for a while, and the Adidas Gazelle Sneakers are also available at other retailers.

 Duffle Coat (B0647, $298)
Selvedge Chambray Shirt (07678, $98)(similar here, here, here)
Eastwood Jean in Dark Otis (B2596, $168)(similar here, here, here)
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers (B0493, $65)(here, similar here, here)

Next, the Shiny Puffer Vest. I love the rich colour of this vest, and can't wait to see it in person. Interesting worn over a coat. It's not something I would probably ever do, because it seems like overkill to me. But I do love the rich hues combined with the white pants a lot.

Shiny Puffer Vest (B1160, $138)(similar here, here, here)
Sateen Toothpick Pant (A9583, $98)(similar here, here, here)
New Balance for J, Crew 620 Sneakers (06690, $80)
Boyfriend Coat (A8907, $250)
Vintage Cotton Long Sleeve Tee (58157, $34.50)

The Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt looks similar to the one from last year. I have already reviewd the Turner Pants here before.

Jeweled Raglan Sweatshirt (B1031, $98)
Domed Bangle (B5182, $68)(similar here, here)
Sharp-Edged Bangle (B5184, $68)
Turner Pant (B0587, $98)(similar here, here, here)

Twill suiting featuring a single button jacket. "The matching trouser has a relaxed, straight leg with zipper accents at the pocket and ankle. (28"inseam)"

Single-Button Twill Suiting Jacket (B0757)
Zip Cigarette Twill Suiting Pant (B0758)
Bib Popover Shirt (B1825)
Mixed Gold Charm Necklace (B3405)

Lastly, the Pinstripe Bomber Jacket. I could see wearing this with my denim skirt in the fall.

Pinstripe Bomber Jacket (B2861, $198)(similar here, here, here)
Dannie Pant (B0904, $89.50)(similar here, here)
Crewneck Tissue Tee (33545, $29.50)

Have you seen the new style guide yet? If so, is there anything that caught your eye? Please share!

Hope you all had a restful weekend. I am taking advantage of the great weather we are having and went on 3 very long hikes this weekend. Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. It is interesting - it really appears that J Crew is going more and more casual. Not a problem for me, but if I was working outside the home, I would have moved on to someplace else - zipped trousers where I worked wouldn't have been acceptable. Love the duffle coat!

    1. I am certain they will have enough pieces that we are accustomed to.... I love the coat too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your picks, Rose. I'm not sure about the Shiny Puffer vest, but the Boyfriend coat is intriguing. I really like the looks in the last two photos. I'm curious about the Dannie pant. How similar it is to the Pixie or Minnie.
    I checked out your review of the Turner pant. Would you recommend sizing down in these? I don't have any of the pants that you compared them to, so I am unsure about sizing. Thanks again.

    1. Hi maryeb!
      I bought the turner pants and got my regular petite size.
      it is a little slouchy,but i think thats the way it should fit.

    2. You can see me wearing it on my blog:)

    3. Sorry Rose that i butted in on your blog.Hope you dont mind:)

    4. Hi maryeb! I loved both the coat and th epuffer vest, just not together. I think I would size down in the Turner pants.


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