Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Madewell New Arrivals Picks

Earlier today I noticed new arrivals at Madewell, and as always I have to chime in with my picks. :) The first one is the High-Rise Jean Skirt. I had a similar one many years ago and I recall wearing it a lot:

High-Rise Jean Skirt

Another skirt (surprise!), the Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine. The print on it looks gorgeous up close. Bonus: it has pockets!

Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine

The Braided Sightseer Sandal in 'red twine' is my pick, but also comes in 'warm sand.'

 Braided Sightseer Sandal 

I love how Madewell does workshirts, and the Chambray Tomboy Workshirt seems nicely made as well. 

Chambray Tomboy Workshirt

A cotton tank with a lovely front embroidery, the Embroidered Tank. Also available here.

Embroidered Tank

The Dylan Saddlebag also brings some memories of a similar one I had many years ago. I love the 'saddle red.' This looks like a true red colour.

Dylan Bag

A fun piece is the Short-Sleeve Rash Guard in Beachday. It's camo for the beach. :)

Short-Sleeve Rash Guard in Beachday

Lastly, a pick from the previous roll-out which I like a lot, since I like cuff bracelets. It's the Tribal Souk Lapis Cuff:

Tribal Souk Lapis Cuff

That's about it for now. Which ones are your picks? Please share!

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great day out there!


  1. Great pics, Rose! I love the denim skirt... Really wish Madewell shipped overseas :-(

    1. Thanks, ruth! I love them too and wish we had a store in my town. Have you thought of using a mail service? They ship anywhere for you. If you need help looking for one, let me know.

  2. I love that chambray shirt, always get such great use

  3. I love that jean skirt, but wish it was not high rise. Maybe I could buy a size up and let it sit lower on the hip? Love that work shirt too. And the embroidered tank.

    1. I think sizing up and lowering it on the hips would work. Seems we like a lot of the same. :)


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