Wednesday, April 9, 2014

C. Wonder 101

I have been receiving C. Wonder e-mails for at least a couple of years now, but still haven't taken the plunge with them yet, mainly because the brand is quite new and there are no stores up here to check them out in person. The person behind the brand is Chris Burch, Tory's ex-husband. This past weekend I was browsing through their website, and since this morning I got another e-mail from them, I thought I'd share with you some of my likes there.

First, the Chemical Lace Floral Peplum Top in 'saffron' is gorgeous. If bright orange is not your colour, there is also 'navy', 'olive green' and 'pearl.' The lace is cotton, while the lining is acetate. Comes in size 00 to 14. There is a size guide, but for better accuracy, it's better to double-check sizes with Customer Service.

Chemical Lace Floral Peplum Top

There is also a Chemical Lace Dress. Pictured is the 'navy', but 'olive green' and 'pearl' are also available.

Silk Hearts Aflutter Shirt is another one of my picks. My favourite colour is the 'navy/blue belle', but there are a couple of other colour combos as well. Sizes run XXS to XL.

Silk Hearts Aflutter Shirt

Nylon Anorak Jacket in'indigo' would be perfect for the doggie walks at the beach. Check out my Instagram pics for those. Again, there is also an 'olive green' as well as a 'saffron' to choose from.

Cotton Twill Military Jacket in 'olive green or 'latte' colour.

Cotton Twill Military Jacket

Dark Rinse Cropped Jean Trousers for those who are over the skinny jeans by now - like me. :) 

Dark Rinse Cropped Jean Trousers

The Je T'Aime Intarsia Colorblock Sweater popped on my radar when I was looking at similar items to J. Crew's Linen Je T'Aime Tee. It is made of cotton, modal wool & cashmere and it is currently on sale. Sale items also get a further 40% discount.

Je T'Aime Intarsia Colorblock Sweater 

Suede Pointed Toe Kitten Heel Pumps in safari green/bronze are in my shopping cart. If anyone has them, please chime in as I am curious about the fit. The pumps got good reviews on the website. (Yes, the website allows reviews!)

Suede Pointed Toe Kitten Heel Pumps 

Bracelets are the jewelry of choice for me, and this Dirigible Printed Bangle is adorable:

Dirigible Printed Bangle

There is an Elephant one as well:

Elephant Printed Bangle

Last, but not least, I am attracted to the Vintage Crystal Buckle. I think I could wear this as a brooch as well:

 Vintage Crystal Buckle

There is also a Home & Decor section, but I think I will stop here for now.

Have you shopped C. Wonder online or in the store? If so, please share your experience with us.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day tomorrow!


  1. Rose - I started off with shoes from online. Then I was able to visit a store-front last October and tried on several items so I could gauge my size for future ordering. I found the sizing to run true to J Crew and took my normal sizes in everything I tried on. Most of your picks are my favs too but I especially like the Silk Hearts shirt and the Cropped Denim Trousers.

    1. Thanks for chiming in, audrey! Glad to read about the shoes. I really love those pumps I posted! Unfortunately, the closest store to me is in CA, so no chance of getting to one soon.

    2. I wish they were over here, I love everything on that site, I had to stop looking. The shoes are beautiful, fingers crossed for the fit.

    3. Maybe on your next visit, Tabs!

  2. Love the look of this label, Rose! Thanks for introducing me to it.

    SSG xxx

    1. Lots of nice things's something in between Jc and Madewell, I find.

  3. Do they ship to Canada now? I checked a couple of years ago and they weren't shipping here then so never bothered to look again. of course, I know you can easily slip across to pick things up!

    1. I haven't done a checkout, but that's where my US mail box comes in handy....or have stuff shipped to my friend's house. I will let you know.

  4. I like the look of a few things, the jackets you posted are very sporty and fun. I'll have to take a tour of the site. Would love to hear your thoughts on the line if you do place an order. Thanks for sharing the brand Rose.

    1. Jackets and shoes were the first ones that piqued my interest. I will of course let everyone know. I like that his prices are not astronomical.


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