Thursday, November 21, 2013

J. Crew - November (III)

Last weekend I visited for the first time the newest JC in town, which is located in the Park Royal shopping centre. It's the farthest away from me, but I manage to get there every few weeks or so. One of the shoppers there pointed out the pretty new dresses to me. The Gold-Stripe Dress caught my eye. It looked much prettier in the store than in the photo online. Another one was the Swiss Dot Dress size 4 & 6. The waist is not as high on me as it is usually the case with the JC dresses, but since I have a long torso, neither of the two dresses will work for me. It's a beautiful cotton/silk blend and the fabric has specks of purple. I think it would look really pretty on a petite gal.

Swiss Dot Dress (similar here, here, here)

Detail of the fabric:

Next is the Convertible Toggle Coat size 6 and 'montclair navy.' This is my larger of the two coat sizes at J. Crew. I am wearing a tee and a sweater hoodie underneath and still have a lot of room left, so perhaps size 4 would have been sufficient. Toggle coats are always popular, and I was able to find several at other retailers.

Detail of the lining includes the red piping made of grosgrain ribbon:

Stretch Wool Motorcycle Jacket size 4 and 'heather charcoal grey.' I am wearing a cashmere tee underneath and there is still plenty of room since the jacket is knit. It feels quite warm and comfortable.

I mentioned above that I was wearing a cashmere tee. It was the Collection Cashmere Long-Sleeve Tee in Thin Stripe size S and 'navy dusk.' There is also a 'cabernet sky' and 'acorn pink.' I loved this tee! It's extremely soft and felt lovely on my skin.

Lastly, the Boy Shirt in Grey Tartan size 4. I missed out in the larger tartan version from last year, and this is a good alternative. 

J. Crew is now offering 25% off select winter styles with code WINTER through the 24th. Will you be buying anything now, or will you be waiting until next week for Black Friday, or the Monday after in hopes of better deals? Please share!

As always, thanks for dropping in and have a great rest of the week, everyone!


  1. Beautiful fabric for that dress, Rose, but I'm swearing off dresses, I just don't wear them enough. As for everything else, seems I have something similar and better in my closet already. Could I possibly be shopped out?

    1. I think I would wear dresses more, if they would fit better. Most of the ones I see are a mini fit on me.


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