Thursday, July 18, 2013

J. Crew - July (III)

As I mentioned previously, here are the rest of the photos I took last weekend. The Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Dotted Linen size 4 fits the same as the other JC schoolboy blazers. It's really pretty in real life, and goes nicely with the 1035 Trousers in Superfine Cotton also size 4, and which I tried on here before. They are too shorts with the wedges I am wearing. I usually prefer them just a touch longer, but not long enough that I sweep the floor with my pants.

Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Dotted Linen (similar here, here, here)
 1035 Trousers in Superfine Cotton (similar here, here here, here, here

Next is the Swing Sweater size S, my usual sweater size at J. Crew. I was hoping this would drape nicely on me, but it didn't. Maybe if I sized down one size. Any more than that and sleeves will get very narrow. Sorry for the blurry side photo.

Swing Sweater (similar here, here, here)

Next was another one on my list of favourites: the Cotton Voile Cubist Houndstooth Tunic size S.I tried it on without any pants but it's extremely short. I would wear these with some leggings. The fabric is a very fine cotton.

I forgot I also had an older photo of one more tunic, the Contrast-Trim Tunic size 0, or one size smaller than my normal top sizes. The fabric is a similar thickness to the one above. The sleeves are pressed, so they seem huge in this photo.

Lastly, I tried on the Tabbie T-Strap Sandals size 8, my regular shoe size. They fitted well, but I usually have problems with T-straps, so even though the price was extremely low, I didn't go for them.

That's all for now. Are you all shopped out yet? If not, code EXTRA30 will give you an additional 30% discount on sale items through tomorrow midnight. Were you able to find anything you just had to have? If so, please share!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Yikes, the drape on that sweater is very unflattering. What were they thinking? The contrast trim tunic looks like a vintage softball uniform that I saw at a museum recently. Maybe the CFS was inspired by the same museum but I don't see mention of it in the product copy.

    1. Not sure, but I know it's not for me (or you). :) Interesting about the vintage uniform.


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