Tuesday, June 4, 2013

J. Crew - June

Since the THEBEST (or CARDMEMBER, if you have a JC card) sale is happening at the moment, I thought I'd post a few more photos. I've seen the Knit Princes-Seam Dress size 4 and 'black' a while ago already. This is normally my dress size at JC. It's a cute summer dress and would love it more, were it a bit longer.


Next is the Chambray Dot Peasant Dot size XS and 'ivory.' There is also one on a blue background,  called 'dark hydrangea,' which I prefer. Here I am wearing a size smaller than the usual S. It's a great piece for the summer I liked it a lot. I didn't find it sheer either, if I recall correctly. The pants are the Linen-Cotton Pants size 2 and 'sunwashed sand.' I am a size 2 or 4 in JC pants, depending on the style. I liked these pants quite a bit as well.

Barbour Flyweight Cavalry size 4. Usually 4 is my jacket size, but this one is very fitted and I couldn't even get it closed. It is a fabulous red colour which I loved. If I didn't already own the Snowcap Quilted Jacket also in red, I'd probably go for this one in a larger size.

Lastly, the Quorra Ballet Flats size 8 and 'metallic gold.' This is my usual ballet size at J. Crew. I liked these flats a lot - colour and fit. They felt more comfortable than the regular ballet flats from J. Crew, very likely because of the perforated leather.


That's all for now, but here are more things to check out in the sale section:

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. It's nice to see the princess seam dress. I was curious about that one. I love the Quorra flats. They felt so comfortable when I tried them on.

    1. Thanks, gigi! Loved the flats as well!

  2. I am in deep like bordering on love with the quorra flats. Wish they weren't quite so $$$ though!

    1. They are better now that they are on sale and with the additional % off. But i also posted a few cheaper alternatives, if you are in the market for something similar. HTH :)


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