Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anthro - June

The other day I had an appointment in the Anthro area, so I popped in for a few to see what's new. The Paisley Method Trousers size 2 are rayon and quite comfortable. I am a size 2 or 4 in Anthro pants (or 28 in Pilcro jeans). These pants fit quite large though, but they are narrow in the calf area. I would like them, if I could get them to sit properly on my calves.

Next is a pair that reminds me of my North Face pants that are really old and need replacing by now. They are the Tessa Poplin Crops size 4 in 'black.' They are really comfortable and would be perfect for my walks on the trails this summer. The hoodie is the Dotted Riley Pullover size S and 'pink.' I am size XS or S in Anthro tops, so I would size down in this one. The colour is more orange than pink to me. The fabric is a nice thin slub cotton

 Dotted Riley Pullover (similar here, here)
Tessa Poplin Crops (similar here, here, here)
Skechers (similar here, here)

Lastly, Cambria Twill Pencil Skirt size 4 in 'navy.' Loved this skirt - colour, length, fit! It is high-waisted and the length is 24.75" (I am 5'6", for reference).

Stripe popover (similar here)

That was all I had time for at Anthro, but there are a lot more that caught my eye on the website and would love to try on:

How about you? Have you been to Anthro lately? What is on your wishlist currently? Please share!

Hope you all had a restful weekend and are having a great beginning of the week!



  1. That striped blue shirt is awesome for a start - fabulous. I like those trousers on the calves like that (I thought it was deliberate) like those new three quart length sweat pant look

    1. The striped popover is from last year's J. Crew. There is a similar one I blogged earlier about.

      I suspect the model has some stick legs for the pants to fit her like that. I love the crop pants a lot! I'll be waiting for a sale on them...

    2. Well you have slim legs, so the models' must be toothpicks! Honestly why don't they try this stuff on their relatives rather than on models!!!


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