Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Madewell New Arrivals Picks

New items were posted on the Madewell website today and I had to take a quick browse. The sales assistant told me yesterday they would be on the store floor tomorrow, for anyone anxious to check them out in person. 

A favourite for a lot of ladies will be the Silk Dot Skirt, I am guessing. Polka dots have been quite popular in the last couple of years, and they seem to be here to stay for at least another summer.

Silk Dot Skirt

The Long Tee Skirt seems like a nice, comfortable skirt for those hot summer days. I believe this may have been from the last month roll-out, as it is already on sale:

Long Tee Skirt (similar here, here, here)

Sleeveless Hazy Dot Shirt more polka dots on a shirt. This one also comes in a bright 'neon flamingo' colour:

Another top, the Sleeveless Chambray Shirt in Rose Sketch.

Sleeveless Chambray Shirt in Rose Sketch

Silk Cargo Tank comes in five different colours, including a pretty orange called 'neon persimmon:'

Blue Bud Jacket reminds me of the Indigo Floral Quilted Jacket from J. Crew which I blogged about  here before. The 'blue bud' motif can be also found on a cardigan as well as on a skirt, if you prefer.

I own quite a few Madewell jewelry pieces and love them all. The Bluestone Necklace looks interesting:

Lastly, I loved the look of the Bungalow Dress and that of the Silk Flutter Dres.

Bungalow Dress (similar here, here, here)

Silk Flutter Dress
These are a few of my favourites. Which ones are yours? Please share!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I like the sleeveless polka dot and rose sketch shirts. The polka dot skirt looks like a longer version of a skirt they had last year, I don't like short skirts but this one is probably not a flattering length for my height. Cute picks!

    1. I agree about the skirt - it's very similar to last years 's and that it may be too long for you at over 22 inches. Thanks, tiffany rose!

  2. Always enjoy seeing your picks Rose. I like the long tee skirt too, it looks so comfortable. I also like the Small Trades Lily striped tankdress and the River & Thread field jacket. I'll be near a Madewell in Boston at the beginning of June so hope to try some things in-store again.

    1. Thanks, xoxo! The tankdress is cute also, and I always like the Madewell jackets. Hope you have some fun in Boston. I am guessing you will be close to the Copley Place - there is a good size JC store there. :)

    2. I will be close to Copley and Newbury street. I have an afternoon booked off for shopping and I'm bringing an extra bag for the loot!


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