Thursday, April 18, 2013

J. Crew Factory - April

Here are a few photos from my visit to the factory store a couple of weeks ago. The Factory Linen-Cotton Polka-Dot Popover is the factory version of last's year Linen Dot Popover I blogged about here before. I actually prefer the factory version better, as it seems a bit sturdier. I also like the neckline better. The knit is 55/45 linen/cotton. I am wearing a size S here, which is my usual sweater size at JC. The pants are the Factory Skimmer Pants in 'soft fuchsia' and size 4. This is my regular size in the factory skimmer pants. They look more red on the monitor, but they are actually fuchsia.

Next is the Factory Printed Washed Silk Tee, which is the factory version of last's year Gondola Stripe Top I have shown here before. Just like the one last year, this one fits large, so size down. I am wearing size XS here and the colour is 'cerise navy.' It also comes in a version called 'neon pink' and 'navy dot.' There is no difference that I can see in the fabric from last year's version and this one. It seems well made and looks quite good, in my opinion. The skirt is the Factory Pencil Skirt in Exploded Eyelet size 2. This is the factory version of the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Ultra Eyelet seen here before. The one I have from last year  measures 22" in length, while the factory version is 21 1/2".

Lastly, Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton size 2 (item 37532), which seems to be currently sold out. I liked this skirt quite a bit.

Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton (similar here, here)

JCF is currently offering a 30% discount on the sale items with code GETMORE through April 24. Some of my favourites are:

Anything that caught your eye in the sale section? Please share!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. That horizontal striped skirt is really flattering, counterintuitive - but true - love the colours too

    1. Thanks, Jody! Who said that horizontal stripes make one look wide? :D

  2. That linen polka top comes in navy? It's been a color singing to me so I might have to hunt one down.

    You look fab in all these outfits.

    1. Yes, it does, and I think you would like it too. Thanks, tiffany rose!


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