Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Madewell - March

Last weekend, together with CC and a friend from work, we ended up driving down to Seattle for the day. We had a great day out that I had been looking forward to for a while. As usual, a stop at Madewell was in order, where, for the second time, I tried on the Printed Linen Tee size XS. This is one size smaller than I normally wear at Madewell, and it still felt quite roomy. I liked the many colours throughout the pattern. This time I couldn't pass up the sale price and the additional 20% off on top of that.

Slideshow Tee in Tearose Stripe size S. The front is a tearose pattern, while the back is white and blue stripes. I liked the rose print a lot.

 Slideshow Tee in Tearose Stripe (more rose prints here, here, here) 

It's a cute print and you can find more items in tearose are:

Sweatshirt Dress size S (usual size).This would a great weekend dress, in my opinion. It is a bit high on my waist, but not as bad as some of the JC dresses.

Lastly, the Silk-Front in Pansy size XS. It seems lately I am downsizing on a lot of the tops at Madewell. This is also one size smaller than I normally wear. I liked the print a lot and might consider it next round of sales. The back is a solid dark colour (I cannot recall if it was black or navy, sorry!)

More items in the pansy print are:

Pleated silk dress in pansy
Tie-front bikini top in pansy (also comes in a green background)
Side tie bikini bottom in pansy (also comes in a green background)

Today new arrivals have appeared on the new website I will make sure to pick my favourites soon. Have you taken a peek at them? Which ones you liked? Please share!

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