Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Madewell - February (II)

This past weekend I was able to make my way to the Madewell store and see some new arrivals in person. Blogging about them is a bit trickier when you are on the road. As usual with Madewell, there are lots of new loves

The Silk-Front Tee in Gingham Bow is from the previous roll-out, I believe, but this was my first time trying it on. It fits identically to the Silk-Front Tee in Colorpoint. The top is sheer, but not as sheer as the Tee in Colorpoint.

Next was the Ridgestripe Top size S. I liked the look of this top quite a bit. The fabric is a sturdy ponte knit. There is a hidden back zipper and the back is slightly longer than the front. Also, there is a version in red/black stripes.

  Ridgestripe Top (similar here, here, here) 

Next was the Silk-Front Tee in Hearts size S. This top is identical to the one at the very top in construction and the composition of the fabric. The hearts are minuscule and look adorable! The Striped Downtown Skirt is size M and I have blogged about the black stripe version here before. 

Lastly, the Friday Clutch.  The hardware is antique gold look and looks beautiful. Inside there are two compartments. One if them is zippered. The chain is removable or easily hidden inside. I thought it was a clever idea to have a mirror on the inside.

Friday Clutch (similar here, here, here)

The website has all the new arrivals and I will be posting my favourites shortly. In the meantime, from the sale section, here are some goodies I'm liking:

Lily lace dress (IRL photo here)
Silky dot tee (IRL photos here)
Thank you for reading and have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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