Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Three Banana Republic Trench Coats

Banana Republic seems to have started early on the spring stock. I was pleasantly surprised to see some fun trench coats, among them the Orange Belted Trench size S and 'autumn sun' colour. This colour screams 'summer' to me, not 'autumn,' though. The coat is all cotton and hits mid thigh. It's a fun colour and I love it.

For the stripe lovers, the Stripe Trench size S. This one was tricky to button all the way up (which I would seldom do, anyway). You have to unbutton the flap upper right side of your chest, then button up with that ugly plastic white button, then place the flap over and button with the second button. Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much.  Personally, I would very likely wear it like in the right side photo 99% of the time. The fabric is 100% poly.

Stripe Trench (similar here, here, here)

The Classic Trench size S and 'winter storm' felt a bit more snug in the shoulders than the orange one above, so I would size up in this. It's also all cotton and comes in 'black' and 'almond' as well. The skirt I am trying on is the Belted Graphic Pencil Skirt and I will review that in a future post.

Lastly, the Tipped One-Button Blazer size 4 and 'perfect gold.' This is my usual size in BR jackets. I liked the fabric feel. This would be a fun spring & summer piece paired with grey, navy or white bottoms.

That's about it for now. A few more photos remain for a future post.

Currently, BR is offering 30% off your purchase through Jan. 23 with code BRSHOP30. Anything that caught your eye here or on their website? Please share!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Oh the third tench is a beautiful shade, I swither on trench coats all the time, I don't really suit them but every so often i think I 'need' one.

    1. I love trench coats, and I think everyone needs at least one! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing - I love trench coats and must head on over to BR to try now that I've seen them on you - lovely!!!


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