Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Madewell New Arrivals Picks

Last weekend I was told the new arrivals would be in stores this week. Too bad I couldn't be there to check them out in person. So in the meantime, the website will do. As always I like a lot of the Madewell stock, and wish I could wear their dresses, such as the pretty Silk Day Dress in Birdslife.   It's all silk and has a pretty print:

At least a couple of blouses caught my eye, as usual. The first one is the Silk Peasant Blouse in Chevron:

The other one was the Silk Boyshirt in Check box:

The Sweatshirt Sweater is all linen and comes in three different colours. This should be perfect for the summer:

I have several Madewell sweaters, and hope to add the Color-Weave Sweater in supercombed cotton to my collection.

[BlankNYC] Skinny Jeans in Bow. Bows have migrated over to Madewell as well, it seems. I like the dark background colour of these jeans:

Indigo Ink Top in Bows and Stripes. I like Madewell's indigo colours and this one is no exception.

Heathered Linen V-Neck Tee. Love this new neutral colour:

Film Reel Tee is made of cotton/modal and should be a breezy top for the spring/summer. The front and back have different stripe patterns.

Tailored Blazer (cotton/linen) in the colour 'snapdragon:

Acorn Locket Necklace in Enamel. I have the pave one and like it a lot.

City Bridge Storyteller Scarf. As readers already know, I love the Madewell scarves. I think they are the best, in my opinion.

I think I should stop here for now. What did you think of Madewell's new arrivals? Anything you have your eye on? Please share!

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Replies
    1. It's quite pretty, isn't it? Hope you are able to get it, WMM!

  2. I love the linen sweatshirt sweater. Any idea on the sizing?

    1. No clue about this one, but in last year's I sized down.

  3. The Color-Weave Sweater is on my list as well! I love the colours and the fabric looks interesting.

    1. Same with me, Caitlin. Thanks for visiting!


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