Friday, December 21, 2012

Running Errands (I)

Lighting has become a problem with the days getting shorter, so this was the best I could get out of my camera. I keep postponing getting a new one, but I think it may be time to ask Santa for one. The MacAlister Boots I am wearing are very comfortable and I highly recommend them. Even though they have a high heel, the sole has a platform that offsets some of the heel height. I have tried these here before. Saks sells a pair of very similar Pradas for about $450 (sale price). Mine came to about $62 and change.

Loft Sweater Dress (old)(similar here, here, here)
J. Crew Ryder Hobo (similar here, here, here)
J. Crew Crystal-Edged Cuff Bracelet (similar here, here, here)

I am on vacation as of 5 p.m. and am looking forward to doing well...  as little as possible. For the next week, I'll be pet sitting the four-legged new movie star I talked about here before. I'm curious to find out what new tricks she has learned in the meantime.

Have a lovely Friday and stay warm out there!


  1. Lovely winter outfit, enjoy your holiday, it's dark at three here now, so there's barely any light left!

    1. Thanks, T.! I guess the worst is over... days should start getting longer now.


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