Saturday, December 15, 2012

Madewell New Arrivals & A Merry Sale

This past week Madewell new arrivals popped on the website. I have become a bigger fan of Madewell  in the past year or so, and always find many new items I like each roll-out. I am a big fan of their sweaters, tops and scarves.

The  Silk Tuxedo Shirt is classic and a must for every wardrobe

A sparkly Madewell Sequin Cardigan just in time for holiday parties:

A different kind of capri pants with a bit of sparkle. Would look great with a dark solid top:

Sessun Diana Pants

I like the Madewell velvet tops, and the Velvet Tee is the black alternative to J. Crew's Velvet Tee, which appears to be sold out now:

Velvet Tee

Dotted Sequin Skirt. This is too short for me, but wold look great on a petite gal.

Rebecca Raney & Madewell Scarf

Sale items are also 30% off, and here are some nice ones to have:

Mirrorflower dress (IRL photo here)
Are you getting anything during the 'MERRY' sale at Madewell? If so, please share. If you shop online, do not forget to place your order through Ebates in order to receive an additional 4% on all your Madewell purchases.

As always, thanks for popping by and have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. I'm loving Madewell more and more, too. I bit a few days ago when they were offering 40% off on select items and free shipping.
    I picked up another pair of the Sidewalk Skimmers in dusty clay. I wore these almost exclusively all last Summer.
    I also bought the Silk Lace Cuff blouse in fireplace red;it was tough to choose between the two colors. I also bought the Pindot Blouse in dusty clay.

    1. The silk lace cuff blouse looks gorgeous! Hope you like it. The Pindot blouse is very sheer - not sure you are aware of that. Might work ok with a cami, though.

  2. Thanks, Rose. I noticed that the Pindot was sheer. I got the dusty clay color hoping it would look good with the JC silk cami in sandalwood that I recently purchased. Fingers crossed, otherwise I will be returning the blouse. I really wish retailers would stop making tops so sheer.

    1. Same here, maryeb! I grabbed it off the rack since it look so pretty, and was disappointed to see how sheer it was.

    2. Just in case you want to try the Pindot, again. The JC cami worked perfectly under the blouse, no more indecent exposure. The sandalwood color practically disappears under the dusty clay, even though it's not an exact match. I'm happy with the look. HTH

    3. Good to know, maryeb! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Just clicked through to the silk tuxedo which might be more wearable for me than a cotton one. Not sure if it's because I've got a short neck but I find cotton collars really riding up round my chin. This one is beauty.

    1. I prefer silk shirts to cotton ones too. Hope it works out for you.


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