Thursday, December 27, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals Picks

With all the Christmas codes and sale additions on the JC site in the past few weeks, it's easy to forget about new arrivals. They were there this morning, to look at while sipping the morning coffee. As always, I like how J. Crew has at least a dozen things that readily catch my eye, like the Collection Silk Popover in Pewter Paisley. Made of silk, with a cute collar, I predict it will sell quickly. There is also a pair of Cafe Capri pants in the same pattern, if you prefer those, or both.

 Collection Silk Popover in Pewter Paisley

Silk Short-Sleeve Blouse comes in 3 colours that are perfect on their own in the summer or underneath a blazer or sweater.

Silk Short-Sleeve Blouse

Collection Multistripe Popover for the stripe fans. Can you tell I love silk? And just when I think I am done with stripes, here comes another temptation. 

Collection Multistripe Popover

 Here are some ballet flats in a similar stripe.

Stretch Perfect Shirt in Colorblock in 'bright hydrangea' has beautiful, fresh colours for the spring:

Quilted Denim Jacket. This one seems to have the same cut as the other JC cropped blazers and I am also willing to bet it will sell out. I wish it had longer sleeves, though.

Quilted Denim Jacket

Collection Jules Dress in Botanical Print. The Jules dress is one of my favourites, but unfortunately is way too short. I wish they would make it 2-3 inches longer so that I could wear it too.

Collection Jules Dress in Botanical Print

Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Scroll Print in 'golden mustard.' I love pencil skirts, but will have to see the 'golden mustard' colour in person.

Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Scroll Print

Toothpick Jean in Polka Dot comes in regular and tall sizes, which is nice  to see. Anthro has some heart print ones, which I will show in a future post.

Toothpick Jean in Polka Dot (similar here, here)

If you are a Liberty print fan, you can now have it in a pair of jeans:

Liberty Toothpick Fan in Emma & Georgina

That's about it for me. How about you? Please share!

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. What's with the dark photo on the product page for the pewter paisley top? I love the look of it but wish it had a full placket instead of a popover style. I have to order popovers in a size 12 to fit over my bust and the result is very sloppy around the waist and shoulders. It's fine for the ink-dip version that I throw over a swimsuit but not for a $300+ silk blouse.

    Nothing new went into my cart/wishlist today but I did pick up the linen slicker to try thanks to DaniBP's post and that it was not final sale. As always I look forward to your IRL photos and reviews.

    1. I don't see that, xoxo! I get what you mean about sizing up. Speaking of which, I understand the linen slicker also fits smaller in the shoulders.

    2. Funny that you don't see it. I'm using Chrome to view and there is a black background image with two looks of a different model dressed in the blouse and capris. It's rather odd.

      I ordered the linen slicker a size up so I hope that works. It will be roomy on the bottom but that's fine for a slicker.

    3. Oh, I know what you mean now. It might be a photo from one of their shows? Who knows?

      Great! I hope it work out. It's very pretty, and with the extra % off it's even better.

  2. I had the same picks minus the last pair of pants. I could only wear those at home; I'm too self-conscious.

    1. Me neither, shelter. I can't do the floral pants either.

  3. I like your picks. That quilted denim jacket is calling to me, I have to try it, and the Jules botanical print, kills me! Love it! Why so short! The silk short sleeve blouse could be the perfect little silk blouse, especially if the fabric could take a hand-wash.

    1. Thanks, Dani! I know what you mean about the quilted denim jacket... I already wrote to JC about the Jules length - not sure they truly care for any input, but said my 2 cents.

  4. Hi Rose - I like your picks and I can so see you in that striped shirt!

    1. Thanks, WMM! You may see me in it soon... :)

  5. Love the polk dot pants as the silk top and popover! The Jules dress is stunning!
    So much to love ...:o)


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