Thursday, November 29, 2012

J. Crew - November Picks

J. Crew Holiday '12 arrivals are here and finally I managed to have a look at them. I'm liking quite a bit, which can't be good. So far, my list to Santa has a few items on it, among them the Cashmere Waffle Henley in at least 3 colours.

Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie. A couple of colours will do. :)

Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie (similar here, here, here)

Handknit Popcorn Sweater in 'heather pond.' I tried this yesterday in the store (pics to come) and LOVE that colour!

Handknit Popcorn Sweater (similar colour here, here)

Collection Beaded Mockneck Sweater is all merino wool and the beaded detail is beautiful.

Collection Beaded Mockneck Sweater (similar here)

Bow-Neck Top is silk and also comes in a colour called 'vintage cabernet,' which I love.

Bow-Neck Top 

Collection Lady Day Jacket in Gilded Tweed is similar to the other jackets I tried on this fall. I'd have to see how this colour looks against my skin.

Collection Crepe Shift looks promising as it seems to be a decent length dress (fingers crossed). It looks like the Jules without the pockets, but hope you don't mind the bright colour.

Collection Crepe Shift  (similar here)

Cafe Capri in Bow Tie Silk would be great for any holiday parties this winter.

Cafe Capri in Bow Tie Silk (similar here)

I always take a look at scarves, and I see JC is taking after Madewell with the Map Scarf:

I also see the bags collection has a new addition in the Biennial line, which I like.

These are a few of my favourites. Which ones are yours? Please share!

Have a great Friday, everyone! 


  1. Nice picks Rose. I love that getaway hoodie and will probably order it on the promo. The map scarf caught my eye too but I think the wool/silk may be too itchy for me unfortunately. It seems I can only wear linen, cotton, silk or cashmere scarves so it means I miss out on all the cute wool versions.

    The shift dress looks pretty but the shirt tail hem is really of the moment - another trend J.Crew has been following this season - and gives it a casual vibe that makes me think this piece wouldn't stand the test of time.

    I look forward to your IRL photos and reviews.

    1. Can't wait to see what colour/s you get. I didn't find their scarves itchy at all, but I am not very sensitive to wool.

      It's pretty, but that colour dress can only take you so far, I believe.

    2. The cashmere hoodie sold out in the purple color I wanted. I guess I deliberated too long but I suppose if it is a popular style they will reissue it again in other colors. I bought two LS cashmere tees this year, that should be enough.


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