Friday, November 23, 2012

Braving the Mall

Earlier this evening I attempted to shop at the mall. The reason was two-fold: I was looking to find a present for a friend as well as for an iPad cover for myself. I have seen the Two-tone Leather iPad Case on the Gap website, and figured I would take a look at it in person. My favourite on the website was the pink one. As it turned out, hitting the mall on this day wasn't the best of ideas, even though we don't have Black Friday in Canada. Since the Gap had a sale of up to 60% off in the store, by the time I got there, the store was looking absolutely ravaged and the line-ups were  horrendous.

Two-tone Leather iPad Case

I didn't see the leather case, but I saw the Tartan Tablet Case instead:

I then walked to BR, which also had a sale (40%). Less messy, but other than the accessories, nothing else caught my eye. Paige Mini Pinking Shears Tote in 'red' or 'dusty gold' was one of those:

Paige Mini Pinking Shears Tote (similar here, here, here)

I quickly abandoned my search at the mall and decided to continue it online instead. A few clicks and found some very nice presents to choose from:

Happy Stripe Crew Sweater at the Gap. It's all cotton and love the colour combo:

Cashmere Scarf at Banana Republic. It looks gorgeous and comes in 8 different colours:

Cashmere Scarf (similar here, here)

More beautiful scarves also at BR:

Judith Print Scarf in 'burgundy:'
Cassandra floral scarf (silk/wool)
Lace print scarf (silk/wool)
Leather zip glove (wool lining)
Faux fur glove (leather with faux fur cuff)

Banana's Genuine Fresh Pearl Water Necklace is still one of my favourites:

The Colorblock Envelope iPad Case in the 'red/pink' colourway from Kate Spade definitely got my attention. After all, these are two of my favourite colours:

Colorblock Envelope iPad Case

And while searching, I am getting the impression that almost every retailer/designer has come up with at least one iPad or tablet case:

Mantra iPad Case (Diane von Furstenberg)
Falabella (Stella McCartney)
Katie envelope iPad case (Vince Camuto)
Juicy Couture (with sequins!)
Are you braving the malls these days, or are you like me - shopping online?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I rarely go to the shops, I just can't bear it, online is so much easier.

  2. Never a mall for me, I did my Christmas shopping entirely online with the exception of a small boutique just up the street for a few things. Just the thought of the parking lot at the mall makes me feel ill!
    Have a great weekend Rose!

    1. I figured Friday after work would be safe, silly me. Thanks, and the same to you, Dani!

  3. Wow, that was a lot of clicking I was doing - lots of gorgeous things, that tartan case is wonderful but am also loving the pink and orange. Am def checking out the fresh water pearls, I had a cheap pair of fake pearls but not sure where on earth they disappeared to. Black Friday was - according to friends - a nightmare in San fran with people acting like there will be no more shopping any more. Even in Vuitton (where my friend spotted a $37,000 sweater!!!) it was busy. So much for the recession eh?

    1. I know, Jody. Where does one stop? It's easier to overspend shopping online. I saw the pearls in BR and they look extremely tempting for myself also, even though I didn't think I would ever wear any.

    2. Wait a minute: a $37,000 sweater? Is it encrusted with diamonds? Otherwise, I wouldn't want to spend too much.

  4. That cashmere scarf is gorgeous!


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