Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Madewell - October

The following photos are from the previous Madewell trip. I have posted photos of some of the items I tried out here already. The Silk Horseplay Boyshirt immediately caught my eye in the store. I am wearing size S, or my usual shirt size at Madewell. Like all the Madewell shirts, I love this one too. 

The  Embellished Poet Top was one my favourites among the new arrivals. The viscose was nice and airy and I loved the colour of the sequins used - antique gold best describes them. I have already blogged about the Safari Print Downtown Skirt here.

Lastly, a pink sweater: the Shrunken V-Neck Sweater size S and 'weathered rose.' It was substantial for a cotton blend sweater, yet very soft. And of course I love the colour of it! It also comes in 'true black' and 'emerald green.'

Other lovelies at Madewell:

Fair isle sweater (all merino wool)

What do you like at Madewell these days? Until October 24, Madewell si offering customers free shipping and free returns, so it's a good time to try things on or place those small orders that usually get charged shipping.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I like the horseplay shirt for its name alone!

  2. I ended up getting the Fair Isle sweater, if only to take a look at it and decide if it was for me. It looks like numbers are getting low on it (at least on-line).

    I think Madewell has some really lovely items, especially if you can find something that will likely stand the test of time...unfortunately (even though well made--lol) the items often are a bit too trendy to even be considered by me!

    The embellished poet top looks wonderful, and definitely could stick around for the long run!

    1. The fair isle sweater looks really nice and had it in mind as well for my next trip.

  3. trying to stop wanting the horseplay shirt. really trying.


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