Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Madewell New Arrivals - July Picks

Madewell new arrivals appeared on the site the other day and last night I had some time to browse through them. I like silk clothing quite a bit, and this Silk Dulcet Top is no exception. There is also another, more vivid colour called 'heirloom rose.'

I am not buying any more summer clothes this year, but for those who are, a lovely Striped Silk Riverbank Dress. It has an empire waist and the measurements say it falls 28 1/2" from the bodice. I measured that, and on me, at 5'6", it falls right below the knee.

Striped Silk Riverbank Dress

Another silk top, the Silk Peplum Top in 'ivory' and 'neon melon.' This would look pretty both on its own or underneath a work blazer.

 Silk Peplum Top

Crosswise Passenger Skirt seems to have an identical construction (elastic waistband) to the Silk Dotty Passenger Skirt I blogged about here before.

Love the Madewell jeans, and I am looking forward to trying the Utility Boyjeans on. These ones also come in a colour called 'beach yellow.'

A cute Colorblock Heartnote Cardigan which comes in 3 different colour combos. Love the patches on the elbow, even though those make it a very casual piece.

Colorblock Heartnote Cardigan

A Bicycle Tee. Need I say more? I predict this will sell out fast, since it's always so popular. There is also a linen version here.

Bicycle Tee

A blazer in polka dots for the summer, since it's made of rayon.

Artdot Blazer

Cute new wedges in 3 different colours:

Manuscript Mini-Wedge

Another bicycle, this time in a pendant.  This looks adorable, and I would love to have it:

Wheelspoke Pendant Necklace 

For the iPad users, Baggu for Madewell has a nice cotton canvas sleeve in 3 different colours:

Baggu iPad Sleeve

Other pretties at Madewell:

Striped hammock dress (see the maxi version IRL here)

Have you checked out the new goodies at Madewell? Anything caught your eye?


  1. There's way too much to like/love! The Colorblock Heartnote Cardigan is calling my name ;)

    1. Tell me about it. We are in trouble. :D

  2. I'm with you and Closet Crisis, there is way too much that I want from Madewell starting with that polka dot blazer!!! I love your picks, as always!

    1. Thanks, Rynetta! I knew we had a few polka dots lovers out there!

  3. I NEED the peplum top. Soooo cute!

    1. Hope to post a review after this weekend. It looks really cute in the photo.

  4. These are lovely, but I'm with you, no more clothes for this season, it would be a waste. I'm already daydreaming about firesides and sweaters...can't wait for the fall rollouts!

    1. Yes, fall roll-outs will start trickling in into the stores, so shouldn't be too long now.


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