Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Madewell - July (III)

A few more reviews from the last trip at Madewell. The Silk Musicbox Dress size 2 and 'wild poppy.' Lovely, bright colour, and very comfortable to wear. I could get away with this length at 5'6".

Next is the Striped Duet Dress size S. This dress seems to be sold out online, but the store had lots of them still. It's a substantial jersey with a bit of stretch, and am convinced some teenager would rock this, just not me. The sandals are the Manuscript Mini-Wedges and I have shown them here before.

Striped Duet Dress  (similar here, here, here)

If you still like stripes, you will really like the Pencil Stripe Pullover. I am trying on size XS here. The body is the right fit, but the sleeves are way too tight. The fabric is terry cotton and it's extremely soft.

Next was the Colorblock Heartnote Cardigan size S and 'heather indigo.' See the striped version on Closet Crisis here. This is a fun piece, but it's quite sheer. You can see the Linen Bicycle Tee I blogged about in the previous Madewell post.

Colorblock Heartnote Cardigan (similar here, here, here)

And lastly, the Artdot Blazer size 2. Most of the time I wear size 4 in blazers because I have broader shoulders than most and size 2 looked quite roomy, but not enough. I should have stuck with size 4. This is a fun piece if you like polka dots. I think I have enough dots to last me a while.

That's it for now. New arrivals will be in store tomorrow, I was told. Some of the new items I like at Madewell and hope to try on soon:

As always, thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. The music box dress is cute but why do they have to keep making the best looking dresses in silk or chiffon?

    Their target audience may be younger, but I sure have seen alot of women my age (41) or older in there! One time I was there, the only young people were the sa's. (I guess they could be shopping for their daughters.) ;)

    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. I like silk, but it is harder to care for, I agree. I am not sure how the younger ones would do that. At UVillage most of the shoppers are young students from the neighbouring campus.

  2. Love that dotty jacket with the bicycle t just poking out - very French!

    1. Oh yes, you would know about that, having just returned from there... ;)

  3. that polka dot jacket is amazing. it has my name written all over it. love your style! i wish i can see your face! you have a lovely figure.. and i enjoyed browsing. you have a new follower on gooogle. you have a fab blog name. :) i'd love to stay connected! have a great day!


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