Thursday, July 5, 2012

Madewell - July (I)

I thought I'd post some more photos I took in Madewell almost three weeks ago already. The Mini-Meerkat Pullover (size S) shows full price on the site, but not sure if it's on sale in the store. I only tried this on for fun, but it's cute and comfy.

Mini-Meerkat Pullover

Next was the Coneflower Pullover size XS. I loved the embroidery on this, but it is a bit sheer, as you can tell. This is one size smaller than I normally wear in tops.

The Silk Glassland Chevron Skirt looked really nice on the rack so I thought I'd try it on as well. It would look better with a tight top. I couldn't get the top to sit without creating the blouson effect. The back is longer than the front on the skirt. The top is the very pretty Lacewood Tee size S.

 Lacewood Tee  (similar here, here, here) 

The adorable Silk Dotty Dress in size S and 'castle rock' colour fits quite loose on top, but the skirt part is about 3-4 inches shorter than I would have preferred. It has pockets, which is always a plus, and it's made of a beautiful silk. This also comes in the 'navy' colour.

Silk Dotty Dress (similar here, here, here)

Lastly for now, my favourite, the Overdot Tee size S and 'optic white.' It also comes in 'iso green.' This fits TTS for me. Loved the fun, larger dots on it, and if I didn't own another dotted top from Madewell, I would probably get it.

Overdot Tee (similar here, here, here)

That's it for now. The 30% off sale items at Madewell will be on through Sunday, July 8. Use code SALEAWAY at checkout. Also get free shipping on $100+ orders.







Shirts & Tops



Colorband skirt (IRL photo here)


Topnote cardigan (IRL photo here)


Tanks & Tees

Are you getting anything this sale at Madewell? Please share.

Have a great Friday, everyone!



  1. I'm obsessed by meerkats, I would love that as an in house jumper.

  2. Hi Rose! I always enjoy your fitting room reviews! I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Please visit my blog to receive it.

  3. I bit on the meerkat sweater because I, like Tabitha, am obsessed with meerkats. I actually wrote a paper in college on them. I am not even kidding.

    The sweater is backordered until July 17 on line, so maybe that means it is selling well?

    Thanks for the reviews.

    1. Must have been a great paper, dina! :) Well, I really started to like them after I watched a documentary on them. They are really interesting animals!

  4. Those little hampsters made me smile, they are of hampster family , right? If not, I sure do not know my animals.:)) Thank you for the fab review- I love Madewell, but don't always get to the store.

  5. The border guards must know you by name by now. :-)

  6. do you remember what size you tried on in the silk glassland skirt? also, was it TTS? thanks.


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