Sunday, July 15, 2012

J. Crew - July (IV)

I took a few photos on a recent visit at J. Crew. The sale stock is big and the place is very crammed, so it's hard to get around that section of the store. I picked a few items, among which the Cashmere Pointelle V-Neck Sweater  in size S and 'soft lilac.' Lovely colour, but quite a deep V-neck. It's as soft as a cloud. And like all the other sale items in the store, an additional 50% discount applies to the last ticketed price. That makes cashmere quite affordable.

Cashmere Pointelle V-Neck Sweater (similar here, here, here)

The Tiered Dots Tank I have already tried before, but this one is an XS. It's fitted on me, but if you have a smaller build on the upper part of the body, this is your size. The pants I have been avoiding to try on because of their very bright colour.  They look more red in the photo than they are. These are the 'soft fuchsia' and size 2, or my regular pant size. I was trying to figure out how much wear I would get out of them and decided not much, so I left them behind, even at the $25 price after discount.

Tiered Dots Tank (size XS)(similar here, here, here)
Cafe Capri (similar here, here, here)

The same  Tiered Dots Tank in size S. This top would have come to less than $25 after the 50% discount. The shorts are the Linen Bow Shorts in size 2 and 'lustrous blue.' I didn't give these shorts a chance, convinced I needed bermudas instead. I changed my mind, and put a pair on hold. These come to about $16 after discount. They are comfortable and look quite nice, in my opinion.

Tiered Dots Tank (size XS)

That's all for now. I noticed nice updates to the website recently. My picks from the sale section:

Wide braided belt (IRL photo here)
Droplet necklace (IRL photo here)
Lace stripe shell (IRL photos here)
Silk bow cami (IRL photo here)
Tessa top (IRL photos here)
Pom pom shell (IRL photo here)
High-waisted pencil skirt in garment-dyed denim
No. 2 pencil skirt in circle eyelet (IRL photo here)

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Stay tuned for a pretty summer giveaway soon! ;)


  1. The V neck is such a beautiful shade, I would have been sorely tempted by it and the extra discount off sale price in amazing.

    1. Haha! Me too, except it is hot enough outside that I can't possibly be buying cashmere.

  2. What J.Crew location in this ? NYC is still running 30% off promo on sale items.

    1. Angie, this is the Vancouver Robson store. Also the Yorkdale, Toronto store has the same sale. I guess they are bringing the sale prices in line with the US ones at this point, because the Canadian prices are higher to start with.


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