Monday, July 9, 2012

J. Crew - July (III)

While waiting for a friend, I popped into JC this past weekend to pick up the Stripe Popover. I tried this top here before and liked it enough to get it once it hit sale. With some time on my hands still, I thought I'd try a few things on, among which was the Lucille Dress in Cotton-Silk Faille  size 6. I've tried this in the green colour  here before. Size 6 is the larger of my 2 dress sizes. The waist is a bit high on me because I have a long torso, but other than that, this is a beautiful dress. The fabric is gorgeous. I wish they made it into a shift shape instead. I don't see many of those at JC this year, which is unfortunate.

Lucille Dress in Cotton-Silk Faille (similar here, here, here)

Next was a white shirt with small polka dots, size 2 (item #94928). The price on the tag is in Canadian dollars. The fabric is a substantial cotton which will make this shirt a great fall piece.Edit: this is the Oxford Boy Shirt in Polka Dot.

Oxford Boy Shirt in Polka Dot (similar here, here, here)

Next was the  Ink-Dip Popover also in my regular top size 2 and 'vivid turquoise.' This one is also cotton, but much finer than the white one above. This colour doesn't look that good on me, so I would probably get this top in either 'african violet' or 'neon persimmon.'

Ink-Dip Popover (similar here, here, here)

And lastly, the Workwear Shirtdress size 2. This would be a great denim dress if it were about 3 inches longer (I am 5'6"). It has a hem about 2 inches wide that could be let out by a seamstress, possibly.

Workwear Shirtdress (similar here, here, here)

That's all for now. Even though summer's just started, I am already looking forward to fall. Some of the items from this rollout that I think would work for me into the fall:

Featherweight cashmere boatneck tee (IRL photos here - 2 posts)
Tippi sweater (IRL photos here)

The 'MUSTHAVE' sale is just about to end at J. Crew. Was there a MUST-HAVE on the website for you? Please share.

Thank you for reading, and hope that your week has started well.


  1. I can't wait for the fall rollout, I've barely worn any summer clothes this year.

    1. Me too, since fall is just around the corner.

  2. Rose - Thanks for the pictures - I do love that Lucille dress! I am just now getting into my summer clothes - but no more buying summer clothes for me!

    I did score the tippi in the leopard print on the 30% off sale a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday and I am really happy with it - I think it will be a great transition piece into the fall!

    1. Barely any summer around these parts too. Up until last week it was cold and rainy!

      Great score on the Tippi. I have a black one and wore it a lot in the spring.

  3. Hey girl thanks for dropping by my blog today! I love that pop over shirt - looks so comfy

    1. Thanks for visiting, Alisa Marie! It is comfy!

  4. Is it me or are you being converted (gasp) shirts? LOL

    The dress looks lovely on you. I tried it on a few weeks ago, and if I had an event to attend this summer, it would have came home with me.

    I gave you the One Lovely Blog Award, posted on my blog tonight.

    Thanks for all your great reviews, and timely interventions!

    1. Not at all. I packed up all but 2 of my shirts and they are going to my sis.

      Thank you! I like it too, just wish it were a straight dress for the ruler types like me.

      Thank you again!

      Bahahahah! I had to think what timely intervention you were talking about. :)


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