Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bananas For Dresses (III)

A trip to the Gap last week also included one to Banana Republic, since they are both in the same mall. Just like the Gap, this particular store is always very picked over once new arrivals are in the store. I managed to find a few dresses worthy of a second look, in my opinion. The first one is the Cowlneck Matte Jersey Dress size S and 'Mediterranean blue.' Comes in 2 other colours as well. This dress reminds me a lot of the Anthro's Given Then Gathered Column Dress I reviewed here. It fits TTS and feels very airy on. I also loved the longer length (I am 5'6").

Next was the Cap Sleeve Ponte Knit Dress size 4 and 'lava' colour. This is my regular dress size at Banana Republic. The knit is substantial and feels comfortable on, but I'm not crazy about the fabric content. I didn't notice this in the store. All in all, it's a cute summer dress.

And the black version of the same dress:

Other pretty dresses I've noticed on the website:

Luxe striped t-shirt dress
Edith v-neck dress
BR monogram crepe sheath
Cap sleeve ponte knit dress
Havana linen-cotton halter dress
Zigzag lace sheath
I also tried on a couple of tops. The first one was the Allover Lace Tee in size S and 'merlot' colour. The 'merlot' is actually a purple colour (which shows blue on my monitor). It has a concealed side zipper, which I noticed after I pulled the top over my head. I guess it's not really needed then.

And lastly, the Annie Striped Scoopneck size S. This is one of the nicest striped tops I've tried this year. It's definitely wishlisted.

I'm still attracted to this necklace, for some reason. The pearls I was also drooling over earlier are also on sale. With the 40% off sale going on right now, these are a total bargain. Use code BRSTARS at checkout through the end of today.

Are you going to take advantage of the super sale at BR today? What did you get? Please share!

Hope you are having a great Independence Day celebration in the U.S!


  1. The dresses are great! The red one is my favorite!



  2. Ha ha , you stole my line. I was about to review few dresses ( Anthro, not Banana, but wanted to use that line)- have to come up with a new catchphrase now, lol. Happy 4th to you too. Mine is so uneventful- because of the horrid storms, most firework fairgrounds are not operational and I am not driving for 40 min to a nearest one. I am celebrating mine virtually. I love the blue cowlneck dress on you, you are right- it looks very Anthro and so not like BR.

    1. LOL Slastena! Go ahead and steal it. I won't mind. :) Looking forward to your reviews!


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