Sunday, June 17, 2012

J. Crew Silk Dervish Paisley Tunic

Last week I swung (again) by the store to pick up the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Ultra Eyelet. I blogged about this skirt here before. New in the store was the Silk Dervish Paisley Tunic in both colours. I liked this top ever since it debuted on the website, so I took this opportunity to try it on. I am wearing size XS here, which is one size smaller than I normally take in tops. The colour is extremely bright -- the 'flame' description is correct. :) It has 2 buttons on the sleeve which can be visible in the view of the back on the website.

I liked the navy version just as much, and I envision either colour styled with a pair of pants (such as these or these) or a skirt (such as this or this).

Silk Dervish Paisley Tunic (similar here, here, pricey here)
Wide Braided Belt (similar here, here, here)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Ultra Eyelet (similar here, here)

J. Crew brick & mortar stores have a 30% off sale items currently. Some great deals are to be had, if you are shopping. Also word on the JCA blog is that the 30% off sale will start tomorrow with the online code SHOPNOW, which is yet to be confirmed.

Yesterday CC and I drove to Seattle (well, she drove this time) to JC and Madewell. We spent a lot more time in Madewell, which is offering 40% off their in-store sale items, currently, and snagged some jeans on super sale (item 39456), but more on that in a future post.

Some JC scores:

Linen cable-knit cardigan (in navy)(still full price on the website, but $34.99 minus 30% in the store)
Pintuck lace-front henley (in navy)($9.99 minus 30% in the store)

Have you found any good deals in your store? Please share.

Have a great beginning of the week, everyone!


  1. I saw this top in the latest catalog and was instantly interested because they styled them so well.
    I love the orange one on you!

  2. I also went there this weekend and picked up a striped top and the heart print sweater. Gotta love when they have the extra % off! The tunic looks cute on you, love it belted!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Good scores! I am always surprised how much better things look with a belt on.

  3. Oooh, thanks for posting pics of the navy one, I'm pretty sure I didn't see it in stores. It's not as bright as I was expecting. Also, I'm surprised Madewell has upped their discount to 40% I bought something last week and was told the 30% was ending the next day, not realizing that it would be replaced with a 40%! Lol, oh well.

    1. Thanks for visiting, life as a cat! I LOVE your avatar photo! No, the navy one is not bright at all. I was also (pleasantly) surprised that Madewell had a 40% sale. I missed the previous sale, so this one was welcome on the weekend.


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