Sunday, May 13, 2012

J. Crew - Mid-May

This morning CC and I made our way to JC downtown. The store was open early and celebrating Mother's Day. It was nice to browse the store without the crowds. I loved this neatly arranged section in the Men's department.

A dress which is only an in-store item for now, # 85792, priced at $168US ($194 Cdn). I first tried this dress back in FL a couple of weeks ago, so it's been around for a while. It's silk with a poly lining, it has pockets and an elasticized waist with a drawstring. Since I have a long torso, the waist is a bit too high on me. Sizing up to 4 solved that problem, but then the dress was huge on me. So if you don't have broad shoulders/large bust, I would size down in this dress. Edit: this is called the Scatter-Dot Dress.

Here's the same Scatter-Dot Dress with the Schoolboy Blazer in Linen size 4 and 'cerise.' This is my 'regular' size in jackets at J. Crew, if there is such a thing these days. This blazer is beautiful, well made, and I loved it.

 Schoolboy Blazer in Linen (similar here, here, here)
Cecelia High-Heel Buckle Sandals

The sandals are the Cecelia High-Heel Buckle Sandals in size 8.5 and 'radio red.' Normally I take size 8 in J. Crew shoes, but the store didn't have any in that size, so I tried the next size up. These are large on my feet, so I believe size 8 would fit properly. I liked the sandals and would consider them.

Cecelia High-Heel Buckle Sandals (similar here, here, here)

Lastly, the Polly Popover in Engineered Stripe Crepe de Chine size S. Normally this is my size in tops at JC, but size S fits large. There was no size XS to try on, but I suspect I could easily fit into one. The fabric is lovely. It's tricky to style it with a belt because of the horizontal stripes. The pants are the Pixie Pants in size 2R, or my regular size in pants at JC. They are a cross between leggings and the Minnies, and the regular size fits quite long. They also have a back zipper, a hook & eye closure and a wide elastic band. I am not a fan of these pants, since I am a Minnie convert, which fit much nicer, I think. See them here  and here.

Pixie Pants (similar here, here, here)
Patent Leather Belt (size S)(similar here, here, here)

 Edie Purse (left) & Little Edie Purse (right)

I have a few more photos for a future post. The SA told us that new arrivals will be available tomorrow. I guess that means another trip is in my near future.

Hope you had a restful weekend, and have a great beginning of the week, everyone! 


  1. Rose- wow, your store looks big! I am wondering too about new arrivals- what can possible come?:)

    1. It's not very big at all, unfortunately, but they managed to fit a leather couch in the men's department, somehow.

      I am guessing the usual -- one of each... :)

  2. Good Morning,

    Just wanted to say hello! I look at your blog everyday and enjoy your post. Thanks for all your help and advice. Great Job!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tish, and thank you!

  3. I think the Scatter-dot dress looks pretty on you.
    I've been wondering about the difference between the Minnie and Pixie pant. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. Thanks very much, maryeb, and you are welcome!

  4. I like the scatter dot dress on you! I tried it on a week or two ago, and now I'm thinking I might actually purchase. I like that tunic on you as well!


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