Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gap - May (II)

Just a couple of quick photos from yesterday's lunch trip to the Gap. The store had a 30% off sale items and I wanted to check out the Shrunken Classic Blazer in 'vermilion' again. At the same time I saw this Striped Cross-Front Dress size S that I tried on. Its sale price was $39.99 minus 30%, so you do the math. It's 95//5 rayon/spandex and feels very comfortably on.

The sandals are the Leather Toe-Strap Flip Flops. I am wearing size 7 and they are small for me. The toe strap feel very comfortable on, though, and I loved them!

Next was the Ombre Short-Sleeve Tee size XS and 'yellow & pink' colour. The colours are beautiful, but I was disappointed to see it had quite a bit of poly in it. The capris are the Slim Cropped Refined Pants size 4. They are similar any of the cotton Cafe Capris from JC, except here I took a larger size than at JC.

The sandals are the Two-Strap Sandals in 'orange.' They also come in black and turquoise. I am wearing  size 8, or my regular shoe size, and they fit TTS to big in my opinion. The suede straps feel very comfortable on.

The Gap also has Leather Flip Flops in TEN different colours, including 'gold' and 'gunmetal' (a dark silver). Everywhere I looked in the store I could see another colour!

It was nice to see so much colour in shoes too! The colourful Rain Boots are also on sale right now. I might get myself a darker colour (still available in our store) for beach walks in the fall.

Speaking of beach walks... I'm off to one this afternoon. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I have the black version of the leather toe strap from last year. They are very comfy and are my go-to black casual sandals. Just an observation--the elastic that attaches the top strap to the sole has stretched out over time, so the top strap is not as tight fitting to the foot after a while of wear. Not a problem for me though. It just changes the way you walk in them a bit.

  2. I love the Toe-strap flip flops!!!
    The striped dress is cute though! Thanks for the reviews!


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