Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anthro - Mid-May & A Sale

Late this afternoon I made my way to Anthro to check out their semi-annual sale and some of the newer items as well. A couple of things caught my eye, such as this Endpoint Skirt. It reminded me of the Picket Stripe Skirt from Madewell because of the striped fabric and the way the pieces were assembled. This is a size 4. I take either size 2 or 4 in skirts at Anthro. The fabric is a nice, sturdy linen/cotton blend.

The blazer I am wearing is the Cartonnier Kittery Blazer size 4. This fits a touch bigger than the Schoolboy Blazer from J. Crew I tried on here. All three colours this blazer comes in are currently on sale for $49.95.

Endpoint Skirt (similar here, here, here) 

Jones Wide-Legs size 28 and 'orange.' This seems to be my regular size in Anthro pants. Loved the fit and the length. I am wearing 3 1/2 wedges and the pants cover my feet. I am 5'6", for reference. The top is the Triad Top Tank size S.

And lastly, the Crimped Alabaster Blouse size 2. This is the smaller of my 2 sizes in tops. I was intrigued by this top when I first saw it on the website. The embroidery on the front panel is lovely, but I just didn't know what to do with the rest of the blouse. The layer underneath is a ribbed T-shirt material and the top is chiffon. It might look better with a belt.

Crimped Alabaster Blouse

The store had a large sale area, almost as large as the one around Christmas. Some of the items on sale are: 

Sun-Soaked Shift (IRL photo here)
Split Stripes Dress  (IRL photo here)
Oblong Orbs Top (IRL photo here)
Woven Palm Belt (IRL photo here)
Piped Boy Blazer (IRL photo here)

Pure & Good Candle Jar rosemary & mint. I was blown away by the scent this combination gave. I had my eye/nose on the Blithe & Bonny Candle Grapefruit candle for a while, but in the end I chose the rosemary & mint.

Did you check out the big Anthro sale? What did you think?

Thanks for visiting and have a great middle of the week, everyone!


  1. I was actually pretty disappointed in the sale! Nothing on my wishlist got marked down. :(

    I fell in LOVE with the Jones Wide-Legs last time I went to an Anthro store. I ended up buying the cobalt blue color, but unfortunately have yet to wear them since I haven't had the chance to take them to a tailor. They are LONG on this short-legged girl! :)

    Thanks for the pics!

    1. I agree, AppGal, those pants are long, which is nice to see. Too bad nothing you want isn't on sale yet!

  2. I was planning to stop by yesterday, but could not. I am glad I got to see your pic of Alabaster top- I was intrigued by it and it looked lovely styled on a cover. I agree with you- too much of sides flapping is going on. Shame, lace sure is pretty.

    1. Yes, there is so much going on with this top. They should have kept it simpler. Hopefully you get to see it up close.

  3. If I could find the time to pop into a store, I would, but it isn't meant to be. There really isn't anything online and on sale that I like.
    The skirt you tried is darling! Much better on you than the web site :-). Plus the Slated Layers tee in the pink is on my short list.

    1. I agree, JulieStyles, that skirt doesn't look like much on the website, but I liked it in the store. It's very comfortable to wear. Hope you are able to get the tee.

  4. Love your blog! Would love for you to check out mine : )

  5. Love that skirt! It has officially been added to my wishlist:) I did not participate in the sale - I thought about trying to make it to the store on my lunch break, but that didn't happen. Nothing on my wishlist made it to sale anyways. Happy (almost) Friday!


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