Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anthro - May (I)

At the end of the day today I had an appointment around the Anthro area, so naturally when I was finished I popped into the store. The Marbled Water Shift size 6 is a beautiful cotton/silk dress with a cotton lining. This a larger size than I normally take in dresses at Anthro. The fabric has a nice sheen and the blue is more dramatic than it looks in the photos. I liked the fabric-covered buttons at the back. All in all, this is a beautiful summer dress.

Marbled Water Shift (similar motif here, here, here)

Right at the entrance I noticed the Elornis Shift. It had a colourful design, although this would get very limited wear from me, in my opinion. I think the ASOS version is much prettier. There is also a top called Elnoris Top in a similar pattern at Anthro.

 (similar here, here, here, here

Loved the Color Concentrate Tee  in both the blue (below) and green. The blue is more of a grey, actually. I am wearing size S, which fits just right. This top is a bit sheer, so nude undergarments are required.

 (More dip-dyed shirts here, here, here and a cardi here)

The Kousa Tank caught my eye in the loungewear section. This is size XS, or one size smaller than my regular top size, and it's very comfortable. There is also a hoodie in the same fabric, or a similar tee in linen/cotton called Lace Petals Tee.

Kousa Tank (similar here, here, here)

Also liking at Anthro:

Please also check CC's blog for more reviews here

Have you been to Anthro recently? Any great finds?

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!


  1. Thanks for the link love! I love the Marbled Water Shift on you. Lots of new pretties, I think I should make a walk-to-anthro part of my fitness routine ;) Thanks for the reviews!

    1. You are very welcome! Fitness routine... yes, we should call it that. :)

  2. Tabitha would love that flamingo print dress! Have a good weekend!

  3. I spied those two dresses in the catalog and immediately looked them up online. The reviews of the marbled said the material was quite shiny and the skirt a-line. I can see the skirt shape from your review but the fabric doesn't look as shiny as I thought, may try it. The flamingo dress is pretty but I agree with you, it would get limited wear.

    Thanks for sharing Rose, have a wonderful weekend.

    1. The fabric has a sheen to it but it's matte. You may need to size up too because the torso is small. Hopefully the skirt won't be huge when you do that, like it happened with the Director dress.

      You are welcome, and have a good one as well!

  4. Flamingos - what can't they do?

  5. Rose- I always stop by Athro, whether I need anything or not- it is next door to my office- very inconvenient imo, ha ha... I feel better even if I do not buy anything, lots of pretties to look at.:)

    1. Most of the time I don't need anything, but I like to browse. It's relaxing looking at colour, I find.


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