Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Chocolates & A Sale

This past Friday I ended up at Thierry again with the new bloggie friend CC. I blogged about this lovely patisserie here before. Thierry's display cases had new Easter decorations and some new desserts. I had tasted his Black Forest cake a few years back and thought it was one of the best. You can see it in the 3rd photo, middle row.


We also took a stroll around the corner to check out the new digs of the future JC store. I noticed the door was not locked (red arrow), so I pushed it in and took a peek at what was going on. Shelves and floors were in, and tradesmen were working away. One of them who was right at the door when I opened it and must have thought I was nuts.

 Future home of the J. Crew Vancouver store (Robson Street)

Earlier on Friday I got the e-mail about J. Crew's 'secret sale' that was already advertised on the Canadian site on Thursday evening. I managed to grab the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton in the photo below with the additional 30% discount on top of the sale price.

The top is the Gondola Stripe Top size 0. This is one size smaller than my regular JC top size. The top didn't look particularly attractive on the hanger, but loved the fabric feel (thick silk) and loved how it looked on.

Gondola Stripe Top (similar here, here)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton (similar here, here, here)
(similar here 40% off with code APRIL40 )

I was also able to get the Wool Sweater Dress in size S and black colour. I posted IRL photos of this great dress here and here before. (I have a NWT size M in black for sale, for anyone interested). And finally, the Boatneck Popover, size XS, for a less fitted look. I blogged about this sweater here before (size XXS). At $19.99 minus 30%, it's a steal.

Other JC reviews:

Sasha Maxidress in Skinny Stripe (IRL photo here)(currently on sale)
Linen Pintuck Shell (IRL photo here) (on sale)
Sunlit Sequin Tank (IRL photo here)(on sale)
Raindrop Lace Top (IRL photos here)
Linen Dot Popover  (IRL photo here)
Cafe Capri in Abstract Leopard (IRL photo here)(on sale)
Sydney Patent Sandals (IRL photos here and here)
Edie Atache Bag (IRL photo here)
Baby Brompton  (IRL photo here)

Did you find any items that interested you during this (not so) secret sale? Please share! 


  1. I tried the Gondola Stripe Top as well and took a size smaller (6) too. I almost felt I could have gone to a 4. I love the feel of it too. I wish JC would take note of those fabrics we love, because of the feel, and use it for future items. The Heart Throb shirt is another example. Amazing fabric I just wish it would be used in a different pattern or even a solid.

    1. It's a beautiful fabric, isn't it? Maybe they are starting to listen... :)

  2. I did major damage during this sale. There were quite a things I had my eye on and I had been holding back for a couple months now. You and CC must be super excited about the JC opening soon in Vancouver - looking forward to your report when it finally opens. Happy Easter!!! :-)

    1. Great to see you scored some deals! Yes, I am excited, and I think CC is too.

  3. Oh, those treats look so good!

  4. Thierry's treats are TDF. Thank goodness for the nice weather this weekend, I did a ton of walking, so I don't feel so guilty for inhaling that Hazelnut Pitivier ;)

    Oooo. Yes, can't wait till the end of the month when the store opens. The SAs will know us by name by the end of the first month, I'm sure, bahahahah.

    1. Went back and got a small BF cake for the dinner I was invited to. It was out of this world. Same here... hit the UBC trails in the morning.

      Fingers crossed I am in town for the opening.

  5. Oh that's funny that you pushed the door open, I would do the same, curious person that I am. Wonder if they will have a grand opening event, that would be fun. I'll be in Vancouver in May or June and will definitely stop in, I can't pass up the fabulous shopping on Robson.


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