Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Madewell Reviews - March (I)

On my last trip to Madewell I got slighltly more excited by all the new stock than on my previous visits. I am liking this store more and more each day. Is it wrong if the SA knows me by name by now? :)

So the first thing I tried on was the Silk Smockpleat Dress in size 2 and 'true black' colour. This fits me well, and I usually have to size up in other retailers' dresses. I also took size 2 in several other Madewell dresses, such as the Striped Parklane Dress, which I blogged about here before. The High Road Sandals were a very nice surprise. Normally I may not give this type of sandal a second look on the website, but seeing it in the store and then on my feet, I fell in love with them. These fit TTS for me. I take size 8 in shoes, and these fitted fine and they were easy to walk in.


The Colorband Skirt size 2 also caught my eye. It is tight through the waist though, so I should have sized up in it for a tucked-in look. It also didn't help that by the time we hit the stores CC and I had lunch too. The top is the Spotted Pictureshow Tee size XS. There was no size S in the store, so I also tried an M for comparison. Size XS is slightly tight across the chest, but if you have a normal torso, I would stick with size XS. The M below is too loose.

 Spotted Pictureshow Tee (similar here, here, here)

The SA brought me the size S in the Plantlife Pictureshow Tee, which has identical tailoring to the Spotted Tee above. I really liked the floral print, but unfortunately, this kind of colour looks ghastly on me. So I ended up asking the SA to order a Spotted Pictureshow Tee in size S for me from another store and have it shipped directly to me.

I have loved the Painted Garden Daydress from the first time I laid eyes on it on the website. I knew it was short, so I picked size 4 hoping I would gain a bit of length. Unfortunately, no such luck. I may have to get my fix of this beautiful print by getting either the Painted Garden Cami or the Painted Garden Scarf.

I got a new charm for my collection. It is the Lucky Day Memento Charm:

All I need to do now is go buy a lotto ticket.

I am also liking from the new-ish arrivals:
Waterdot slipdress

Lots more loves, but I will stop here for now.

Thank you for reading, and have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Hi Rose, thanks to you Madewell is becoming one of my new favorite stores and no it is not wrong if the SAa know you by name ;)!! I love the first dress you reviewed I tried that on as well and it was suggested to me to belt it since I am 5'3", looked great and I don't normally belt dresses. This baby is on my wishlist!! I have to say I am a fan of all that you tried on, looking forward to the rest of your review!! Thanks again enjoy, happy Wednesday!!

  2. Loving the Painted Garden print too! I tried the cami & was just ok with it, def. just try to get on sale, but the scarf, I am in looove with! The dress looks like it fits perfect on you. Wish they'd make skirts/dresses a smidge longer though. This will have to be a pass for me too.

    Thanks for your reviews!

  3. I love the high road sandals every time I see them on the website. I'm glad to hear they are comfortable!
    That dress looks lovely on you and don't think it is that short on you.

  4. MB, I'm glad you find love at Madewell too! I was thinking of a belt for it too to make it a bit less casual, but then it would be a bit short on me, unfortunately. It's very pretty in real life, but too bad the lighting in their fitting room is so poor.

    JustVisiting, I was actually looking at the scarf in the store, but then I started thinking that summer is coming and decided not to get it. Now I am not so sure I shouldn't have. I love that floral print!

    fshnonmymind, thanks for visiting. They are lovely, and way more comfy than I would have expected them to be.


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