Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crewlet Reviews - March (III)

On the lookout for some summer pieces for my upcoming FL trip, I gave the  Factory Classic Bermuda Short size 2 in 'poppy' a try. I decided I should stick to skirts instead. I don't like how they look on me, no matter how comfortable they are. The graphic tee is new and I cannot find it on the website. (Edit: it is now back and on sale, and it is called the Factory Sugar Feed Sack Tee.)

The Factory Chambray Bermuda Shorts  size 2 are already in the Clearance section. When did that happen?  They fit almost the same as last year's chambray Bermudas from the regular JC store.

Factory Marigold Paisley Cardigan  size S fits the same as the Jackie cardigans from JC. The Winnie pants (item 28637, I believe) are the Factory version of the Minnie Pants in Stretch Twill but they fit much tighter. I believe these were a size 4, if I recall correctly. I think I will skip these, and I own all the colours of the Minnies in Bi-Stretch Wool. The cotton twill is not as soft as the bi-stretch wool.

Factory Winnies (similar here, here, here)

The Factory version of the Downtown Field Jacket (item #27584) size M and 'mossy brown.' It fits large, but there was no small available in the store. To me it looks and feels identical to the JC store Downtown Field Jacket I blogged about here before.

Factory Downtown Field Jacket (similar here, here, here, here)

By the way, I just noticed that the Minnies in Bi-Stretch Wool that were full price about 10 days ago are now priced at $69.99 and marked final sale. The 'heather carbon' have been on sale for a while now.

Please also check my previous Crewlet posts here, here and here. Hoping one of these days we will have a search engine on the Factory site. Is it too much to ask?

Thanks for reading and have a great end of the week, everyone!


  1. Rose Hi Carolyn from Vancouver here.
    Do you recall if any of the Seattle J Crew's had the Biella Patent Loafers or the Via Patent Flats in store? thanks in advance. P.s Are you going to go to the opening when the Robson st BM opens ?

    1. Hi Carolyn! I never saw those shoes in the 2 stores I frequent. You can always call and find out if they brought some in. Planning to travel the last week of April, so not sure yet. It depends on the exact date.

  2. Thanks for the reviews! The unknown tee in your first picture is the Factory Sugar Feed Sack Tee.  Feel better before or after hearing that mouthful?  At least it only says 100 lbs on it!
    It's been online for about three weeks, and sold out already.  The online pic. is misleading since the print appears soft but is NEON irl.

  3. JustVisting, I could have sworn I saw it on the website before I went to the store. Thanks for clarifying for our readers. Haha! Good one -- 100 lbs!


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