Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bananas For Dresses

The other day I walked into BR on my lunch break to check some of the new dresses I have been stalking on the website.

One of the most colourful was the Casey Striped Silk Dress size 4. This is my usual dress size at BR. It fits slightly snug on the torso.I loved that it's all silk, lined, and is a bit longer than most of the dresses I have tried on lately


Circle Lace Dress size 2 also comes in a 'soft khaki' colour, which looks beige to me. Loved the shape and the lace pattern, but it's short, and the fabric has quite a bit of nylon in it. The exposed zipper may not appeal to some either.


Gemma Floral Wrap Dress size S fits identically to the the Dotted Wrap Dress from the Gap I blogged about here before.


The Trish Textured Dress size 4 fits similarly to the Casey Striped Silk Dress above. The difference is in the fabric - this one has a lot of nylon in it.


And lastly, a pencil skirt I couldn't just walk by. This is the Linda Floral Pencil Skirt size 2. I usually take either size 2 or 4 in the BR skirts. It fitted a little snug, so I may size up to a 4 in it. The fabric is a mix of rayon/linen and has a nice texture and shine to it. The exposed zipper might not appeal to some, but at least it's in a colour that blends well with the fabric.


One item that I noticed and didn't take a picture of since I was running a bit late was the Charlotte Leather Hobo in an orange colour, which seems to be an in-store item only. Loved the size (quite roomy) and the matte gold turnlock closures.

Also loving at BR right now:
Linen-cotton safari blazer
Floral silk tank
Stripe timeless tank
Tara tank
White textured cotton pencil skirt
Textured pencil skirt
Sateen pencil skirt
Textured lace pencil skirt
Floral jacquard pencil skirt
Mirabelle blooms pencil skirt
Dark rinse denim patch pocket pencil skirt
Taupe lightweight wool pencil skirt
Dark denim skinny crop
Sateen crop

Rain is back on these parts again. (What's new?) At least it's not freezing any more. Last week I pruned roses and I was asked if they will ever flower this year after I was done. I am betting on some June flowers. ;)

Have a great Wednesday, and thank you for stopping by!


  1. The Casey dress is gorgeous!! wow! I like it all, actually- the circle lace looks like it was made for you!

    1. Ah, thanks, Sarah! So many things to like there!

  2. I love the striped dress & the Trish. The other wrap dress was cuter on you. I'm not digging the pattern on this one. The floral print on the skirt is nice & bright, but eh, I'll reserve judgement till I see it irl. Thanks for the pics! It's nice to see these in contrast to the mailer I recvd today.

    1. Thanks, gigi! Not digging the wrap pattern either. Yes, the skirt IS bright. You will see. :)

  3. My roses always flower in June, I love seeing all the buds on everything just now.
    I meant to go into BR, but kept forgetting and by the end of the trip hubs would have screamed if I mentioned popping into another shop, he was dragged to 3 J Crew's 4 times.

    1. Yes, I promised flowers in June too, although the friend was suspicious of my skills after seeing the 'extreme makeover' of the bushes. I do know roses, though. ;) That's funny about your husband.

  4. Oh those crazy exposed zippers, will that ever end?

    I recall BR used to have some nice handbags and decent quality too. I like the look of this one, although I'm all set for summer bags.

    1. I think exposed zippers are here to stay, I suspect. The leather is still good quality, although this one was not as soft to what I have seen at BR in the last couple of years or so.

  5. Love the skirt! Perfect for spring.

    I like the exposed zippers because they add a little edge to it, much to my mom's protest haha!



    1. I agree - the skirt is perfect for the season. I am not against the exposed zippers, as they end up hidden under my clothes. But I don't think they add anything to an outfit either.

  6. I love the Casey dress on you. Super pretty!


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