Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anthro Navy & White

Last weekend I popped into Anthro briefly and went straight for the AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie pants. I am wearing size 28, same as the toothpicks I take at J. Crew. Loved the fit and the polka dots, but hated the price tag: $178. They are wishlisted for when they hit sale, maybe.

AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie (more polka dot pants here, here, here, here

Piped Boy Blazer size 2 and 'white.' Size 2 was just a touch tight. I should have stuck with my regular jacket size 4. Sleeves are slightly short on me, so not sure if they are supposed to be 'bracelet' sleeves or not. The fabric is a nice cotton/linen mix. The jacket is unlined, but I don't care about that for a casual summer jacket. It will get a few wrinkles with wear, but not as bad as if it were all linen.

And lastly, at least for now, the Wagner Tunic size XS. This is one size smaller than I normally take in tops. It's made of tencel, so it has more sheen and is more flowy than cotton. Read more about Tencel here. I prefer wearing something like this with a belt.

On my list to check out:

Thank you for reading and please visit me over at Roxy's today for a few more reviews. Roxy has been gracious enough to let me write a guest post for her blog while she is vacationing in Paris.

Have a great end of the week, everyone!


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  2. I am with you on polka dots- AG's denims are wonderful, they fit me so well, but the price tag...ouch!Thankfully Anthro store is next door to my work, so I can scout regularly.

  3. Thanks for these reviews! Those AG pants are nice but the price is steep. I tried on the Piped Boy blazer the last time I visited Anthro, and the sleeves were also bracelet length on me. I tried my regular dress size 6 but it was too big on me. The size 4 fit very well.

  4. Love the pants but not the price. Ouch! Thanks for the review!

  5. I love the pants!


  6. Slastena, Louise, ajc: I agree... very pretty, but ouch!

    Charlotte, thanks for stopping by! They are adorable!


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