Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Anthro Dresses

I happened to have an appointment in the Anthro area earlier this week and managed to sneak inside the store for a short while. The store was relatively quiet and I tried to find a few pieces that I would consider taking home at some point. The pickings were slim, as you may have read on other blogs already. The Dropped Dots Dress (size 4) has been in store for a few weeks now and I have wanted to try it on since it first arrived. It's cute, but the skirt part is much fuller than I like my dresses (or skirts), while the top felt quite snug. If I had a choice between this dress and the Banana Republic Dot V-Neck Dress I tried earlier (upcoming post), it would be a tough call. 

The shoes are a pair of size 8 Pilcro shoes someone returned. If you are looking for a pair, they might still be in the Vancouver, BC, store. Since our store gets ballet flats only, this was a rare sighting.

 Dropped Dots Dress (several similar choices: here, here or here)
Pilcro Shoes (similar here, here or here)

The Cloudrose Dress (size S) reminds me of the Whirligig Dress from last year. The Cloudrose Dress, however, has a really low neckline that I am covering with my phone in the photo below.

Cloudrose Dress (similar here, here or here)

I was attracted by the abstract design of the Flavia Shift Dress ever since I've seen it in the store. I am wearing an XS, which is a smaller size than I normally wear in dresses, so you may want to size down in this one. The fabric felt nice to the touch, but then I looked at the label.


Still sitting at full price are 3 other favourite dresses of mine:

Layered column dress (IRL photos here)

And love from the newer stock:


  1. There's one in Edinburgh now but I only really look at their home section.
    I can't wear any kind of polka dot, my mum has always worn them and they've just become a mumsie no no for me.

  2. darn- wishing I had sprung for those adorable shoes! I`ve seen them pop back a couple of times, but thought maybe the heel was too kitten-y for me. Adorable. I have my eye on a few dresses for spring, but nothing like my summer-fall 2011 wishlist!

  3. omg I LOVE those shoes on you, they're adorable! thanks for the reviews!

  4. T., have you checked their scarf section? It's gorgeous!

    thatdamngreendress, the heel is indeed higher than what I would call a kitten heel. Maybe you will see them again. Good luck!

    Adeine, I loved them too, and they were extremely comfy as well! Thanks for visiting! LOVE your avatar!


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