Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Crewlet Reviews - February

Here are the last pics taken at the crewlet last weekend. Factory Thandie Sweater in Stripe is size S and 'heather graphite.' The other colour is 'sunwashed pink.' This one fits almost the same as the Tippi Sweater I blogged about on several occasions, except this one is 100% cotton.

The regular Factory Thandie Sweater also size S and this time 'viridian green.' I got the 'shocking pink' version to pair it with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Gardenshade Floral. I blogged about this skirt here before.

Next is the Factory Printed Pencil Skirt in size 2 and 'black plum.' This is my regular pencil skirt size. The dots are a very dark plum colour, almost black, like the name suggests, which is not visible from the website photo.

Factory Printed Pencil Skirt  (polka dots skirts here, here, here, here)

Another Factory Printed Pencil Skirt also size 2 and 'retro orange.' Loved this skirt and I think it is already popular with the JCAs.

Lastly, the Factory Printed Skimmer Pants, also in size 2 and 'retro orange' again. It's the same fabric used for the skirt above.

(more paisley pants here, here, here, here, here)

Did you find anything you liked at the Crewlet lately? Check out more Factory reviews here, here and here.

Hope you are enjoying the evening watching the Oscars!


  1. I bought the orange paisley pencil skirt and I'm looking forward to the weather getting warm enough so I can wear it...all the factory pencil skirts seem to be really well made--- this print is pretty AND it's the color of the year, so you can hardly go wrong!

  2. That Thandie sweater in grey/lime stripe has grown on me. On my list of "things to get next time we go to the crewlet". Thanks for sharing your pics!

  3. I got the black plum pencil skirt a couple weeks ago- anxious to wear it!

  4. Thanks SO much for these reviews!!! The black plum and paisley print skirts are at the top of my wishlist! Everything looks great on you! Thanks again!

  5. Are the cotton skirts lined?

  6. The skirts look great on you. Are they tue to size and do they sit on the waist or the hips?

  7. Sue, it's a pretty skirt, so I'm certain you'll love it!

    CC, it's the one that grabbed my attention too. Next time then!

    C, the pattern is so much prettier IRL! Enjoy the new skirt!

    Hi rynetta PhD! I figured they'd get your attention! :D

    St, thanks for visiting! These 2 skirt are not lined.

    Savvy shopper, thanks, and thanks for visiting! They are TTS for me for JC skirts. They are definitely not sitting on my hips, but they are not very high waisted either. Hope this makes sense.


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