Wednesday, February 1, 2012

J. Crew Stripes & The Matinee Trench

Finally, I got around to the last few photos from my trip the weekend before. First is the Ringspun Stripe Henley in size S and 'brilliant fuchsia.' I like the sleeves and the metal buttons on this.

 Ringspun Stripe Henley (similar here or here)

The Colorblocked Stripe Tee has been on my wishlist since its arrival, but I changed my mind about getting it now. After looking at some of the alternatives in the similar bunch, I am leaning towards the one from Bergdorf Goodman. I am trying size S in the first photo and size XS in the second one.

Colorblocked Stripe Tee (similar here, here, here or here)

I already posted photos of the Brompton Mini Hobo in vibrant coral here before, but not of the Matinee Trench size 4 and 'modern red.' I thought I would go for either the Banana Republic's Pink Trench Coat or the Gap's Mac Jacket for spring, but after trying this one on I am not so sure any more. Please check my post about the Pink Trench here and the one about the Mac Jacket here.

The Valentina Printed Patent Pumps I already blogged about here before.

More items have hit sale already, such as:

Items that have been on sale that I tried on or bought:

Tippi sweater (IRL photo of the marled one here)
Lady lace popover (IRL photo here)
Biella high-heel loafer (IRL photo here)

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

PS: in case you have not heard yet, Target has another collaboration, this time with Jason Wu, which debuts this Sunday. Check it out here. Let's hope the Target website won't crash again.


  1. Love seeing you in those bright shades! You know I have my eye on the matinee trench, I'm "turtling" from the super bright shade, I'm afraid I'll tire of it after one season. Better stick to the basic beige trench I have and wear a bright scarf to get my colour fix ;)

    Some sizes are sold out in the Colourblock Stripe Tee already. It's still too cold around here to wear that sort of thing! Hope to see more options in the coming months.

  2. I thought I was done with stripes but how cute are those coloblocked stripe tees on you! And (sigh) the matinee in the modern red is calling me ...

  3. The striped tees are cute but not my choice in the multi-color. I tried the henley in Miami and did not like the length or finishing of the sleeves. I had planned to pick that up in the navy and pink so I was quite disappointed.

    The matinee trench is cute and the bright red looks good on you.

  4. I really like the Colourblock stripe tee. I saw the Matinee trench a while back in store - the colour looks great on you. I bought the red Mackintosh coat from JC when it went to final sale with the additional % off last month. That's going to be my colour fix this spring!

  5. The ringspun Henley in the Brilliant Fuschia just WORKS for you!!! I luve it!

  6. I LOVE that red trench - hope you got it!

  7. Like Jess, I LOVE this red trench on you!!!!!

  8. Hi CC: I agree, too cold out there! Beige trench coat cannot get tired off. It will always be in style.

    tiffany rose, I love the cerise version too, but the store didn't have the S, otherwise I would have grabbed it.

    xoxo, it's not the best quality, but something like that I don't expect to last more than one season any way. I loved the colours though.

    Thanks, Louise, I didn't expect to like the Matinee Trench that much! It's very pretty IRL!

    Hi yogagirl! I knew you would like the fuchsia colour! :D

    Jess & rynetta PhD, thank you! I loved it too!


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