Friday, February 10, 2012

Factory Stripes & Matinee Trench

Finally, here are the last of the pics I took at the Crewlet last weekend. See more Factory photos on CC's blog. The first item I grabbed is the Factory Stripe Popover size S and 'modern red.' It comes in three other colours. It's nice and thick cotton, and like many other factory cotton tops, I am sure this will stand many washings. Check also the Factory Stripe Boatneck Tee.

Next was the Factory Sailor Sweater in size XS and 'sailor blue.' This is a size smaller than I normally take in sweaters. The other colour is 'black linen.' It's a nice, slouchier sweater, which you can also wear with the sleeves rolled up using the button-tabs. Looks much nicer than in the photo.

Factory Sailor Sweater (more striped sweaters here, here, here) 

The Factory Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee I liked as much as I liked the popover in the top photo. I am wearing size S here. It's also a thicker tee material than the Colorblocked Striped Tee (IRL photos here) or the Contrast Stripe Tee (IRL photos here).

The Factory Two-Pocket Chambray Shirt is size S. It's slightly fitted, and nice colour and quality, currently on sale. After seeing several options, my favourite is still the Banana Republic Soft-Wash Denim Shirt.

And lastly, a surisingly well made Factory version of the Matinee Trench (IRL photo here), which I cannot find on the website yet. It's size 4 and I made a note that it is $158, on top of which there was an in-store promo of 20 or 30% off last weekend. The label is too blurry to be able to tell the style number, so my apologies for that.

Factory Matinee Trench (similar here, here, here, here)

The Factory Bronwyn Canvas Hobo also looked surprisingly good. The canvas is more of a linen-beige than it shows on the website.

Have you visited, or are you planning to visit the crewlet soon?

Thanks for reading, and have a great end of the week!


  1. Weird on the matinee. I guess they went for the factory version the tan since it's no longer available in regular retail. Seems a bit soon. Thanks for sharing pics :)

  2. so glad you liked that striped tee, I ordered it because it wasn't in my Crewlet, and have been second-guessing myself ever since. Thanks for the great reviews!

  3. Rose love your reviews. OT What are the SLC stores you plan on visiting ? I don't know what this stands for ?thanks . please keep on blogging for north of the border JCA's. Carolyn from Vancouver

  4. Rose, I love the stripe popover too! I would love the stripe boatneck tee but my closet is chock full 'o orange right now. Maybe they'll come out with more colors. Factory's not looking too shabby lately! Thanks for your reviews. :)

    FYI-non-factory version of the matinee is down to $138, in both colors.

  5. Great picks! Agree that Factory tees and knits seem more sturdy and more "real life-friendly". May pick up on a couple of these tops next visit. Great reviews as always!

  6. Hi gigi! I guess that means they will not bring the tan one back to the regular retail store then, right?

    WFF, you are welcome. I hope you will like it! It's a pretty colour combo.

    Hi Jess! It's a really nice one too!

    Hi Carolyn! Thanks for visiting. I think you already got your answer on the JCA board! Hopefully we will have our own store soon.

    JustVisiting, I like them both. I don't think I have enough orange! :) Thanks for the tip.

    CC, I like all the factory tees & knits I got so far. They are able to take more abuse, it seems.

  7. Love that colorblock stripe boatneck!

    So I actually caved last weekend when the 30% off factory was ending and got the two-pocket chambray. It's lovely, and fits me perfectly! I quite like the old navy one too, but they didn't have my size in store or online. I popped into the BR last weekend as well, but they had NO chambray or denim shirts in the store! Crazy.

  8. thatdamngreendress, thanks for visiting! Glad you found a chambray shirt you like. They are extremely versatile.


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