Monday, January 9, 2012

Vacation Musings

I thought I would do a post with all my vacation photos in it. My vacation is rapidly coming to the end, and by the time this is posted I will be on the way home. Hopefully no unexpected delays will happen due to weather. 

Love the colourful houses and the cobblestone streets in Yverdon. I only brought walking boots and shoes with me. High heels are useless with the amount of walking one does around here:

Some serious cheese shopping is happening here:

Lunch followed by dessert at L'Aubier restaurant in Neuchatel.

Blackberry Sorbet/Chantilly Cream/Meringue Bits

A hop over to Germany (literally a 2-hour drive) to visit Lorrach:

and Bad Sackingen:


And since you are in the Black Forest area of Germany, you MUST have Black Forest cake:

Black Forest Cake (the real deal)

Another hop over to do grocery shopping in France, since everything here was closed, and here is some serious cheese-cutting equipment in a supermarket:

The rose wine aisle (good thing I don't drink):

And the champagne aisle:

More grocery shopping at the Biocoop in France:

Another hop to Basel:

Kinetic water sculptures by Jean Tinguely in front of the theatre in Basel (see video below the photo):

Of course I had to enter a store (or two):

And you are never too far away from home with a Starbucks nearby:

Hope you enjoyed the virtual trip and that you are having a great beginning of the week!


  1. What a great trip Rose, thank you for sharing the photos. It sounds like you covered some territory and had a wonderful time.

    All that wine and cheese looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics! Sounds like quite the whirlwind trip, but I know what it's like in that neck of the for an hour or 2 and you're in a different country or different area with vastly different foods/architecture/art. So much fun! Welcome back!

  3. Looks like you are having a great trip! Thanks for sharing the photos. The black forest cake looks delicious.

  4. thanks for the great pictures.
    you were actually not too far from where i live(heidelberg)so if youre ever in that region,let me know.

  5. What pretty little towns, and yes cobbles, when I go into town, heels are for going to dinner and that's it.
    Oh what I couldn't get over was the Starbucks in Paris last year, their muffins are so different form the ones in US and UK, utterly enormous, more cakey and amazing flavours, I wish we had the French style Starbucks muffins here.

  6. Thank you for sharing all the pictures, Rose! It looks like you must have had a very enjoyable trip. The Black Forest cake and all that cheese look delicious, too. :)

    Btw, what handbag store is the photo of? The red bags look lovely.

  7. Looks like you're having a blast! Enjoy the last few days!

  8. xoxo: it seems like a lot of territory, but it's probably as much as from here to Kelowna.

    CC: that's one thing I miss living here -- you can see a lot in very little time. Thank you!

    Louise: thanks, I did. Food is delicious, of course.

    ina: I have been to Heidelberg before, but on this trip.

    T.: yes, they are so cute, and still quite different. Starbucks has different pastries everywhere. It even differs from here to Bellingham (an hour drive). Wish they had the 8-grain rolls here. :)

    FFM: you are welcome. Yes, trip was great and food delicious. Do not reall the name of the store -- it was just a handbag store in Switzerland that had several brands in it: Longchamp, MCM, Sonia Rykiel, etc. Can't recall the name, but I am sure I can find out and message you, if you want.

    Jess: yes, I did. Thanks!

  9. Mmm I would love to do some cheese shopping there! :)
    And that black forest cake looks to die for!

  10. what a great trip! I always head for the "old city" first when I get to a town I haven't been to before, and all roads lead to Centre Ville which is generally the oldest part of town. Your pictures are wonderful!

  11. Lauren, I love cheese, and I love dessert! Need I say more?

    WFF: I agree, that is always the best part to visit. Thank you! Wish I had more sun to really capture the beautiful colours.


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