Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tippi & Pearls

I got the Cafe Capri In Wool Check on my previous visit to J. Crew. They fit identically to the Cafe Capris in Houndstooth Wool I blogged about here before. I thought they would be fun to wear with a Tippi Sweater or a Jackie Pullover, or even the Mockneck Minimalist Sweater in dark eggplant colour I wore here before. The Tippi in vibrant flame (scroll down) or even the one in marled camel would work too.

No Miss Nail Polish (417 Hallandale Heather)(similar here, here or here)


Thanks for dropping by and have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!


  1. The Cafe Capris are so chic, they'll go down in JC history as one of the best. I'm always wondering what shoes to wear with them, though, and you nailed it with the booties. Great look!

  2. Oh you Hitchcock heroine, I love this look and as Sue says, those booties work so well.

  3. Love the cafe capris paired with the booties. Soooooo cute! Hoping for ANY decent online promo and I can't wait to get my hands on a few new arrival.

  4. Thanks, Sue! You are too kind! I love these pants, and come to think I almost walked away from them had it not been for CC!

    Thank you, T.! You think they had Tippi Hedren in mind when naming that sweater? :D

    Thanks, Small Town Gal! I am already eyeing at least one item in the new arrivals too. Sigh.

  5. What an elegant outfit! I am a late convert to the Tippi sweater. I finally got my hands on one during the 30% off promos before the holidays, and now wishing I had bought a few more!

  6. Just be careful when you wash it - I loved my tippi sweaters, but put them in the washer on delicate. I had to give them away because they shrank so much. The label does say to dry clean, but I have some wool sweaters that are fine in the wash and have lasted for years, and thought I could get away with it. Not with these sweaters! Also, both sweaters got pulls soon after I bought them. I wish I could love the tippi, but after these experiences I'm hesitant to buy more.


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