Friday, January 6, 2012

Talbots - January New Arrivals

New year, new arrivals have appeared at Talbots. Since I am nowhere near a store to go try any of the new stock, I am digging through the photos on the website and picking my favourites. Featured in the header photo on their site is this Sparkle Stitch Cashmere Sweatshirt.

Striped Bateau Tee in pink/white:

Striped Bateau Tee (similar here or here)

Grace Fit Linen Jacket. I tried an almost identical jacket last year:

Grace Fit Linen Jacket (similar here or here)

Seasonless Wool Wrap-Bodice Sheath.  Reminds me of J. Crew's Memo Dress In Super 120s I tried on here before.
Seasonless Wool Wrap-Bodice Sheath (similar here, here or here)

Heritage Fit Slim & Flare Jean. Glad to see flare jeans are still around. I prefer them to any toothpicks, as they are more flattering.

A pretty striped scarf:

Other likes from the new roll-out:

Denim Shirt
Merino wool jacket
Grace Fit Knit-Collar Jean Jacket
Gold-Button Camp Shirt (8 colours)
Seasonless Wool Pleat Front Skirt
Modern Fit Peached Twill Zip-Ankle Pants

Have a great end of the week, everyone!


  1. Oh, I really like that striped tee and scarf! I'm hoping Talbots does better in the new year. Last season was kind of ho-hum for me.

  2. Thanks for visiting, egyptomaniac. I agree. They looked promising at the end of 2010 and then not sure what happened last year.

  3. I do like the thermal cashmere top. I would like to see Talbots become more successful at creating a younger image. I feel that they are keep coming so close but then go back to their frumpy ways. Here's hopes for 2012.



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