Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Orange & Stripes 2012

Today sis and I happened to be in Neuchatel and popped into Globus (a store similar to Macy's in the US or The Bay in Canada). I was curious to see what's being offered. Aside from the general fare I see at home, there was s.Oliver. I had seen this brand in Vancouver many years ago, but they have been gone for a while now. They had the most colourful clothes in the store, and I was right there trying their items on. Read more about Tangerine Tango, the colour of 2012, on xoxo's blog here and on ratsonparade's blog here.

First are a top with an intricate sleeve and a skirt in 3 horizontal stripes. The top stripe is orange just like the tee, but I've covered it with the top in this photo:

 s.Oliver Top & Skirt (similar tops here or here)

And the other item that drew my attention is this striped dress:

s.Oliver Dress (similar here, here or here)

But that's probably because J. Crew's Colorblocked Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee in Cerise has been on my radar:

More Tangerine items are catching my eye, such as this cute Michael Kors Large Marina Shoulder Tote:

Last night sis & brother-in-law took me to a show in Geneva called Mummenschanz. It was absolutely hilarious. If you ever have the chance to see this, please do. I will also post some vacation photos in a future post.

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. You look so like Dani BP in the first pic!
    Oh tangerine is such a great colour, I kept picking up bags in that shade when I was in London last week.

  2. we have a lot of s.oliver here in germany.
    thanks for stopping by at my blog.

  3. Those colors are lovely. I like the skirt & dress on you :)

  4. Hi T.! Thanks! Don't tell dani, see if she notices. :)

    Hi Ina! Yes, I know -- I've seen them there too.

    Thanks, gigi! Love bright colours!

  5. I love the orange top on you, what a great colour! Sounds like you are having a great trip, I hope you will post photos when you get back. I love checking out the department stores when I go travelling, it's always interesting to see what's "in" in other countries.


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