Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Gap Stripes

I found out that more new arrivals made it into the store, so naturally I had to check them out. It's hard to think about spring when your thermometer shows minus temperatures and your truck looks like this:

Still, a colourful sight like this is good for those January blues:

The first thing I grabbed was the Striped Knit Tunic size S in the heather gray & pink stripes, two of my favourite colours. It's a bit short on me (I am 5'6"), so I would wear this with Minnie pants or something similar. This dress also comes in grey/black stripes.

More colourful stripes in the Three-Stripe Sweater size S and taupe and orange stripes. There are also 4 other colour schemes this sweater comes in as well.

Three-Stripe Sweater (similar here or here)

Next were the Striped Woven T and the Solid Button-Front Cardigan, both size XS. I grabbed the XS in the T by mistake, and it was really tight on me. I love the cotton/silk blend it is made from, but it is also VERY sheer. The Solid Button-Front Cardigan fitted all right, although I should have stuck with my usual size S in this as well for a less fitted look.

Striped Woven T (similar here or here)
Solid Button-Front Cardigan (similar here or here)

The last couple of items I tried are not striped, but I liked them a lot, both in colour and fit. First is the Colorblock Button-Shoulder Sweater size S and 'blue galaxy' colourway. The other colour scheme is 'oatmeal heather,' a white/yellow combo that is very summery looking.

Colorblock Button-Shoulder Sweater (similar here or here)

And the last one was the Printed Wrap Dress size S and 'paisley pink' colour. I didn't like the 'yellow' one. It has a lot of poly in it, which is the part I didn't like about it, but otherwise it's great wrap dress.

Printed Wrap Dress (more printed wrap dresses here, here or here)

Still looking for, but nowhere in the store to be found yet:

Good deals on:

Earlier today CC of One Too Many Closets and I stopped by Thierry's for lunch (read more about it here):

and then made our way to Robsonstrasse where we saw this:

There is hope, after all.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. Oh that was very brave of you to go out in that weather, nothing gets me off the couch when it's like that. Oh how exciting J Crew! Apparantly they are planning to open 9 in the UK, so Scotland must get one.

  2. Oh my my, I'm obsessed with stripes. Love love love the striped knit tunic on you, like the three-stripe sweater also. I notice there are a few colorblock tees/sweaters. I just love the contrast in colors. Thanks for the heads' up. May have to go shopping!

  3. So now I can indulge in expanding my stripes collection in something other than blue + white :D Lunch was very enjoyable, made up for the slim pickings in the stores! Great reviews once again, thank you for sharing!!

  4. LOL our vehicle looks the same right now! Isn't this weather UGH?

    Anyway I love that wrap dress and I'm a big fan of the stripes. A denim skirt is always a great pairing.

  5. T., I had to test out my new Hankook tires. They are the best I've ever had. Yay for JC opening in your back yard too!

    Small Town Gal, I like it too -- something about the wider stripes that's not reminiscent of prison garb.

    Hello, CC! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, very slim picking in stores right now.

    LR, not sure where you live, but that kind of stuff is not common around here. And if that's not enough, we are supposed to get another dump of snow. Love the wrap dress too!


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