Monday, January 23, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - January (I)

This past weekend I made my way to Seattle and made a quick stop-over at JC on the way home. My  Minnie Pants in Bi-Stretch wool had been waiting for me at my friend's house for a while now, and so were the Cafe Trousers In Wool and Booker Booties in black. I got these during one of the 30% off sale items. The correct size 2  Double-Cloth Envelope Coat had also been waiting there for a while too. More on these items in a later post.

I recognized the Gimlet Skirt In Coaster Stripe immediately as I entered the store. It has received lots of love from bloggers, but the racks in the stores were full of them and not selling much. It's not my style of skirt because of the shape, horizontal stripes, very stiff fabric and length (I am 5'6"). This is size 4. On the other hand, I loved the  Talitha Blouse (size 2, classic navy). This fits TTS for me, and so do the Drea Patent Peep Toe Pumps (size 8). The shoes are 'neon peach' and look more lively in reality than in the website photo. 

 Talitha Blouse (similar here, here, here or here)
Gimlet Skirt In Coaster Stripe (alternatives here or here)
Drea Patent Peep Toe Pumps (similar here or designer on sale here)
 J. Crew Necklace (similar here, here and similar colours here)

Close-ups of the Drea Patent Peep Toe Pumps show a wrinkle on the inside of the shoe close to the toe. I didn't even notice it in the store as I was trying them on. It may be the odd defective one.  That said, they are very comfortable to walk in, and I have a medium width foot.


I also figured I would try a pair of jeans, as I will soon be in the market for a new pair. These are the Bootcut Jeans In Classic Rinse size 27R. They fit the same as the matchsticks I got last year. The top is the Glimmer Long-Sleeve Tee size XS and black. This was also on sale for $59.99 minus 40% in the store.

Glimmer Long-Sleeve Tee (similar here, here or here)
Bootcut Jeans In Classic Rinse (similar here, here or here)
Drea Patent Peep Toe Pumps

J. Crew is tempting us again with another sale, this one even better than before. Some of my favourites:

Bateau button sweater (see it on me here)
Tippi sweater (see the marled one on sale on me here and the non-sale ones here and here)
Lady lace popover (see it on me here)
Biella high-heel loafer (see them on me here)

Did you get anything this sale or are you spent out? Please share.

Have a great beginning of the week, everyone!



  1. The gimlet skirt may not be for you, but you look fantastic in that ensemble you put together!

    I finally bit on the 30% off sale last week and am now sitting on my hands. I am hoping for another % off new arrivals, but so far there's nothing I feel like I must have - yet! ;o)

  2. Girl, I totally bought that necklace in the greenish-blue color. Swoon. So beautiful. :) Hope it appears on-line for anyone who can't make it to the store. I also hope the larger orbit necklace (the one they have on-line in red) appears in blue as I want that one, too, and would love to use my rewards card on it.

    You look really nice in that skirt, but I get "not feeling it."

  3. Thank you, Lisa. You are too kind. I am waiting for the same thing as you are. :)

    Thank you, and thanks for the correction, dina. I didn't even notice that they were completely different necklaces. I was debating whether to try the one you got for the pic, but chose the orange one to match the shoes. :D

  4. I think the skirt looks great on you! I love a line skirts with a tucked in top! Great reviews! Thank you


  5. Thanks for the reviews, Rose. You look especially good in the glimmer tee, jeans and peep toe pumps outfit!

    BTW, I finally properly thanked you for giving me the Liebster Award on my blog. :)

  6. Love the outfit with the gimlet stripe skirt and Drea pumps! Looks great on you :)

  7. I think you look stunning in that skirt too, oh I can't wait to bare my legs again, I can't believe that January is almost over already.

  8. Oh, so glad you reviewed these items. I love the skirt and don't mind volume on the bottom since I have broad shoulders, but I totally get why you might not be to keen about the skirt. I think it looks great on you, especially with the Talitha blouse.
    Nothing really interested me in the latest catalog except for some shoes, including the Drea pumps. I think they are so cute, I just hope they work for me (and that a promo code pops up soon).

  9. Thanks so much for these reviews! I think that I need that Talitha Blouse in Navy after seeing your review!!!

  10. Thank you, Kim!

    tiffany rose, thank you! I liked that top and I almost fell for it.

    em in espana, thank you very much! Thanks for visiting!

    T.: you are too kind! Yes, spring is almost around the corner, isn't it? :)

    fshnonmymind, thanks, and thanks for visiting! The shoes look great in all the beautiful colours!

    rynetta PhD, you are very welcome! It's pretty and a classic. You won't regret getting it.


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